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52-Year Old Man Tattoos @MoonshineBandit On His Face

by / Friday, 16 May 2014 / Published in EDITOR PICKS, REBEL NEWS
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star_03Dickie Spears, 52-years old from Arkansas, (aka “Wanderer Shiner”), has tattooed the words “Shiner Nation” on his face, which is The Moonshine Bandits fans are affectionately refer to their fans as.
These types of tattoos are becoming more common in the hip-hop world, but this is the first documented case in the country world as far as we can tell.
Moonshine Bandits’ new album “CaliCountry” is in stores and on iTunes now.
When asked why he put the ink on his head:


“I put it on my forehead because there would be no doubt as to who I belong to. People that see it will either already know or they will ask about it and  that opens the door to tell them about Moonshine Bandits and our Great Shiner Family. SFFS 132”


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First off Moonshine Bandits sing my life with their songs. Then when I joined the Shiner Family I was made to feel immediately welcome and felt like I had always been a member. We in the Family share a love for the bandits and for one another unlike anything I have ever experienced in my 52 years of existence. I feel more accepted and cared for in this Shiner family than I do in my blood family.”