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Big Smo disrespected? by USA Today [opinion] #HickHop

by / Thursday, 05 June 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS

By Cooter

USA Today ‘Listen Up’ rates Big Smo ‘Kuntry Livin’ as 2.5 stars out of four, with the following comment.

Smo, whose A&E series premieres June 11, spins his rap rhymes about working-class values over hard-rock riffs. His cadences sound too similar, but the best connect like a hammer.

At RebelRow, we know that is fairly bullshit.  Considering that Smo and ‘Kuntry Livin’ is about to set records as he hits huge on A&E, and the album is  nearly a 4 out of 5 on iTunes, a 2.5 out of 4 is not even close.  The real issue is that some people just don’t like hick hop, but they review the genre as if they should have sway in the genre.  Real followers of hick hop will recognize Smo’s new album is crisp, flows, and touches on all the bases we love as hick hop /country rap fans.

Our opinion of ‘Kuntry Livin’ in A snippit from our own RebelRow writer, Miss Rainey Dae

star_03This new album should definitely be the anthem for both your wet, gritty, sun kissed summer days and your thirsty, smoky starry summer nights! It’s an absolute must to set the mood and get yourself shakin’ for every camping trip, weekend on the lake, big or small backwoods/ backyard BBQ or event you’re currently organizing this season!

The album is as much an anthem as any in the Hick Hop genre.  Amongst few others, Smo has been cutting teeth since 1997 and is owed more respect.  He and the original Hick Hop Kings have been slowly erasing the doubt, and setting the hick hop genre on fire.  Now that it is happening, you are seeing a tide of people with ‘thoughts’ that know nothing about the thing we do, but they sure will have a damn opinion.   Beware folks, there are a lot of cornballs wanting to huckitty shuckitty their way into the genre to see if they can cash in, then out.  These new people are not recognizing the Kings of Counrty Rap, and until they do, I will call them out on it and so should you.

Kuntry Livin':5 Stars (5 / 5)
Big Smo:5 Stars (5 / 5)



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