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Big Smo ep.2 [review] @aetv @TheRealBigSmo #bigsmo

by / Thursday, 19 June 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW

Big Smo ep.2 ‘We’re Gonna Need A bigger Bus’ review.




smoaandestar_03Unless you have been under a rock, you know that Big Smo has a new reality show on A&E.  The show centers around Big Smo the popular Hickhop  rapper and his crew as they hit the road, forge relationships, and get into shenanigans.

The episode starts with the bus breaking down, and ‘Professor’ Smo doing homework with his daughters, and a trip to Mama’s house for a meal.
We hear Smo say his favorite dish is Momma’s quick chick, so we looked a version up.  The one we found does not look right, so if you find the real one, post it on our facebook please!!

The boys search for a new bus and peep the ‘Golden Goose’… but it ends up being a fantasy, and reality quickly sets in.

In a move most reality show viewers have yet to see, A&E introduce several fantasy style edits to the mix that help deliver the comedy. The production quality is slick and editing is on point.   The fantasy edits are a nice vehicle to help deliver the bit.  A&E has raised the bar on everyone.

The show continues to center around family, kinfoke and friends.  Smo and his family come off good nature and loving.  The kids their future step mom, and momma all get along but the show is setting up to show how hard being on the road is for everyone.

We look forward to seeing more! .. and we hope that bus holds together!

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