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Big Smo ep.4 ‘Calling All Kinfoke’ @TheRealBigSmo @AETV #HickHop

by / Friday, 04 July 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS, REVIEW


Big Smo ep.4 ‘Calling All Kinfoke’ review.




smoaandestar_03SMO is feeling the pressure of a show in the ‘big city’. Key to success is getting the country folk to make a trip to fill out the city venue Exit/In..  Warner Brothers is promoting Hick Hop to execs and radio DJ’s.   Now the boys need to figure out how to sell out the show and make a huge impression.  Smo needs to ‘suck’ their country folks into the city.  The episode also opens with a swerve of conjured up mud action with a wakeboard.  The crew decides to hit youtube with a promotion bit reminiscent of something Bam Margera might approve of.  They also talk with the big families in the area and go down home with the promotion of the show.

Recurring is a theme familiar to all of hick hop, the concept of bringing the country to the city and an even larger issue – Hick Hop being accepted by mainstream Radio.  This is probably the largest and continued discussion/debate with all Hick Hop artists.  We can see the tip of the ice berg showing up in this episode.  It is suspected we will see Smo working to spread the Hick Hop word more than once.

On a side note, it’s cool to see Smo loading in his gear and hoofing it with his crew.  Smo continues to come off down to Earth and ernest.  His Kinfoke continue to rise to the occasion and the rest is history.  The show ends with a live track and a bit of the show and some good times.


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