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Big Smo Episode 7 ‘Workin’ Review

by / Sunday, 27 July 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW


Big Smo Episode 7 ‘Workin’ Review

Review by Brian Sharp


smoaandestar_03Big Smo’s first single “Workin” off this new album, “Kuntry Livin”, is about to hit the masses. Smo is on his way to talk to the VP of A&R, Chris, at Warner Music Nashville. They discuss the next steps of the process of releasing his single. After a lil bit of jammin’ to the song, Chris and Dan (Smo’s manger) tell Smo they will have an actual budget to shoot a video for the first time. All previous videos were him, his Kinfolk and some fans just having fun doing what they do set to one of his songs. However, to have an actual budget is a big deal. After the meeting Smo hits his crew with the big news about the video shoot, and tells them to start coming up with ideas. 

Back to being Dad, Smo is out shopping with his family when his girls come across an Xbox and start begging their dad to buy it for them. When Smo realizes this is great time to tell them about “Workin” and getting a job to earn the things you want. At the Studio, Smo and the guys try to come up with some ideas for the video and after some funny but bad ideas they realize that some re-thinking might be in order. 

Returning to teaching his girls a lesson about working to get what you want, they come up with the idea to bake and sale cupcakes. Selling the cupcakes on the side of the highway turns out not be such a good idea when no one is stops to buy any. When dad comes to the rescue, Smo helps his girls build a Swag Wagon to sell Smo Cakes. They hit up a farmers market and the girls make over $400. Back with his crew again Smo and the guys discuss more about what they need in the video. They decide to use real hard working people to make the video look more authentic. Smo decides to hit the streets to find his towns hardest working people. The girls lesson on working continues at home with Smo and Whitney talking to them about how proud they are of the hard work that went in to earning the money selling SmoCakes.  When Smo gives the girls the Xbox they wanted they thought that they would get to keep the money that they had earned. Think again girls, Dad takes the $400 and adds it to their college fund, another lesson for helping them later in life! And we close with the making of the “Workin” Video.