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Big Smo (@TheRealBigSmo) Episode 8 ‘Grambler’ Review feat. @mrkingalexander @hadencarpenter

by / Tuesday, 29 July 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS


Big Smo Episode 8 ‘Grambler’ Review

Review by Brian Sharp


smoaandestar_03With Big Smo’s new album release coming up just around the corner, he’s been hustling anywhere he can to get his name out. He gets a radio interview on the Bobby Bones show, Nashvilles #1 country radio DJ. In his interview he tries to convince the listening audience that they can take a gamble on Smo.

Lunch after the interview, with the guys, Smo tells the band that they have a chance to win over a new crowd of people with their next show at a Casino in Tunica, MS. Now you see everyone talking about gambling and who has the best system to win. More on gambling, Smo is now found in a high stakes poker game, losing badly to his own Mama. She has completely ran him out of Hershey’s Kisses at this point. Being a big Mama’s boy and on the road a lot Smo is spending some quality time with her playing cards. She then convinces him to join her at Bingo the next evening. Smo and his girls join Mama at Bingo which quickly becomes boring for Smo, until he realizes Mama is winning stacks of candy. After seeing her Bingo and Poker skills Smo convinces Mama she could win Mad Stacks of cash in a Casino.

With the show in Tunica coming up the crew loads up the bus to hit the road, while Smo plays a round of toilet seat horseshoe’s. Hayden explains that when most people would only see used toilet seats, country folk see Sporting goods. After the bus is loaded the gang hits the road headed for Tunica, MS. the party in the bus comes to sudden halt when Smo’s special guest, His Mama joins the boys on the way to MS. Arriving at the casino Smo and Mama start off hot, as Mama is raking in the cash. Meanwhile, Alex and Hayden are over at the Craps table and Hayden winning big betting against Alex.

As show time at the casino approaches, The guys realize they’re going to have to step this show up a notch because the people in the casino didn’t come to see them, they came to gamble. But when Smo and the band hit the stage people quickly start to get won over & entranced by Big Smo’s music.