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Big Smo (@TheRealBigSmo) Episode 9 ‘Big Smo & Darius Rucker’ Recap Review

by / Wednesday, 06 August 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS


Big Smo

Episode 9

Big Smo & Darius Rucker‘ Recap Review

Review by Brian Sharp


smoaandestar_03Big Smo and Whitney send the kids off with Smo’s Mama, so they can spend a rare weekend alone. First, however, Smo has a meeting with Chris (The VP of A&R) at Warner Music Nashville. In the meeting Smo learns that Darius Rucker’s management has heard his album and like what they have heard. They came to the decision to do a collaboration melding the style of the two artists. This would be a huge deal for Smo’s career seeing as Darius Rucker is such a large influence in the music business. Then, to the dismay of Smo, we find out there’s a catch as it is required to be completed by Monday.

When Smo tells the guys about the collaboration they all decide to put all of their effort into this song to make it the best work they can possibly do while leaving the backwoods charm, by going where the guys do their best work, camping in the Backwoods . Smo tells Whitney about the exciting news but in doing so has to break the bad news that he’s going to have to cancel the Smo-mantic weekend to make sure the song is done in time. Everybody knows creative juices can’t start with out some fishing and barbeque, so after some fishing the guys start to write, but all their songs being about food, it’s time to BBQ. While the guys hang out in the backwoods, their women are together and talking and hatch a plan to go to where their guys are. When the ladies arrive in the woods and walk up on the camp site they aren’t too happy with the shenanigans they see going on. After some smooth talking Smo gets his butt out of the fire and the girls to stay with them at camp.

That night around the camp fire with the whole gang joining in their new song starts to come together. The day arrives when Smo gets to meet with Darius Rucker, and plays him a rough version of what he and his band came up with at camp. After listening  to the song and a explanation of the song Darius loves it and agrees to start recording. Hitting the studio at the House of Blues, Big Smo and Darius Rucker put together the song “My Place” . This is a great song that caps off a great album (This is the last song on the new Big Smo Album, Kuntry Living).