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Big Smo : Putting the Real Back Into Reality [Interview]

by / Monday, 09 June 2014 / Published in EDITOR PICKS, FEATURE, REBEL NEWS

big smo interviewBig Smo

Putting the Real back into Reality

Christian Cipollini


star_03With a brand new reality show on A&E, a full length major label record debut, Big Smo seems to be blowing up the television and airwaves like a brand new shooting star.  But, he’s not an overnight sensation; the work effort took him fifteen long years.  Big Smo will be the first to tell you his road to success is far from over, and that word – success – is relative and individual.  His ultimately comes from having a wonderful family, and yes – the record deal and show certainly are icing on a cake he already had.   Take a moment to meet the very busy, very DIY, very down to Earth, and newest reality television sensation – Big Smo!


You’ve entered the wild world of reality television, was the show experience everything you hoped it would be?


Everything that I wanted it to be.  I’m one of the writers on the show.  Whos gonna argue with the boss of the stix?  I wanted it honest and true and by golly that’s what I got.  My situation was very hand crafted, one of kind.


What will viewers be getting with Big Smo, the television star?

It’s a combination of behind the scenes of the music life, and the same kind of family experience like in Duck Dynasty and the fun and excitement and craziness you’d get from a show like Jackass and Bam.  It’s a combination of all our favorite stuff.  It’s crazy, but not crazy to the point where kids can’t enjoy it. It is not a Jersey Shore, or party down south.  This has go my mom, got my kids, got my girl ya know, my band.  It’s a tourbus journey of my life.


Reality television shows are full of drama, of which sometimes seems producer-provoked.  How is this show different?

It’s a true capture of who and what we are and what we’re doing.  It’s a look at an independent artist building a brand over a decade and a genre, to getting signed to a major label, what it’s like to be a part of that.

A little preparation was done because the tv show involves my daughters and they are young.  And I don’t want them to become something they’re not because of what their daddy does for a living. A lot of my focus was that the kids stay who they are.  My mother, on the other hand, she’s a hoot.  She can let it go to her head all she wants, that’s the beauty of it.  She’s seventy five years old and every bit of southern mama.  You get the real mom.  The uncensored version of the mom that raised me!  That’s my mom!  They didn’t feed her any lines.  Not often do you get the say so in the creation and production with these shows.  All of these companies that I work with – I went in like this – ‘If you want to do business with me – You’re going to do business with me, not for me.’  My manager was like hey man they usually don’t do this!


BigSmo_KuntryLivinYou just dropped Kuntry Livin’, a major label debut.  What will listeners be in for?

You’re gonna get a blue collar anthem that will wake you up.  You may be draggin ass to get up for work and this will get you going.  And then some riding in a big truck and then some sipping on some shine.  Some heartbreak.  How I was raised.  And a favorite of mine – Got Me.  Redneck Rich is one of my favorites.  You don’t have to be wealthy to be redneck rich, you just got to have a lot of stuff.  Not even good stuff.  Just stuff! And a monumental song with Darius Rucker.  This album is the best thing I’ve ever done.


Your name is quickly becoming household, but you’ve been around for a while doing your thing.  How did it all get to this point?

First it started out as a hobby and turned into what it is.  Everything started as a passionate want.  Then I realized people like it, dig it and it became more of a supply and demand thing.  People would say hey I want more music.  Okay, and sixteen years in the making.  There was a whole lot of pre history to this.  This is not my first album, but for some people it is!  They got a lot of catching up to do.  To be found and to be successful being found takes a lot of work.

What types of music influenced you to take the musical path you’re on?

I was big into Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings Outlaw country.  I got into hip-hop from my older brother.  Run-DMC, NWA, Beastie Boys, Fat Boys and that kind of stuff.  These things landed me where I am today.

Career wise, what are you grateful for the most?

Career-wise, I’m very thankful for my manager.  He helped me achieve so much.  Everything he said he’d do – he came through with shining colors.  He not only believed in me, he saw it through.

Final thoughts… what’s in store for Big Smo this summer?bigsmoaande

I’ve already filmed the whole first season of the show.  But there’s never time for a break.  I’m going out on a 30 show radio tour to promote the album.  I’m a workaholic!    I was supposed to be off today, and I said no.  I had to do a hometown show at a local barbershop.   That’s what I do, just hang out.  I don’t separate myself from my fans.