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Boondock Kingz: Best Albums Of 2014 Featuring Twang And Roung, Jawga Boyz, Demun Jones, and Jawga Sparxxx (@Boondock_Kingz @jawgaboyz @TwangandRound @TwangofbgcTwang)

by / Tuesday, 16 December 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS



As we recap 2014 we asked the biggest acts in hick-hop what their Top 5 albums of this year were. Boondock Kingz emerged on the scene like a shotgun blast and dropped their “Trashy Ever After” EP as we gear up for their new album in 2015. Here we get Boondock Kingz best albums of 2014.

10. Lecrae “Anomaly”
A hip hop album with a message of faith without lacking originality or creativity. Amazing album.

9. Twang And Roung “Pour Another Round”
This EP has been in our play list since it was released. These boys have they’re own unique sound in country rap. Plus all 5 songs are bangers.

8. Jelly Roll “The Whiskey Sessions”
Another EP, but it’s special. Listening to this seems like Jelly Roll has truly found his own sound. It’s fun, it’s cool, it’s creative.

7. Eric Church “The Outsiders”
Eric Church is just a bad ass (haha). This album just has some what of an old school outlaw feel. We dig that shit.

6. Rittz “Next To Nothing”
No sophomore slump! (Lol). Rittz just went the hell off on this whole album from start to finish. Plus he’s from Gwinnett.

5. Jawga Boyz & DEZ “Tailgate Music”
Dez is arguably the most talented lyricist in “Hick Hop”. A full album showcasing that was just awesome.

4. Danny Boone “Fish Grease” & Demun Jones “Jones County”
We put these 2 together because they were promoted together. Rightfully so. Demun’s album was a summer party from beginning to end and Danny’s was just pure classic (if you ask Kuntry Strong).

3. Ed Sheeran “X”
May seem out of place on this list, but the song writing of Ed Sheeran is just amazing. Pure talent.

2. Jawga Sparxxx “Muddy Days Drunken Nights”
The combo of Bubba K and D. Thrash is just fun to listen to. Not to mention this album has that classic Bubba Sparxxx feel all over the place. This album kicks ass.

1. Big Krit “Cadillacdica”
When you put this album in, it’s like a time machine that takes back to when rap music was good (haha). Krit perfectly meshed the old school southern Hip Hop feel with today’s ability for perfect production. This album deserved more praise than it has received.