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Boondock Kingz Teacher Preacher and Kuntry Strong “Sip On The Universe”

by / Monday, 08 June 2015 / Published in REBEL NEWS


We love Boondock Kingz, and we’ve always preached the gospel about these boys skills when they step into the booth. Now Boondock Kingz own Kuntry Strong and Teacher Preacher drop some wisdom in the form of a new track “Sip On The Universe” via the group’s Soundcloud.

Teacher Preacher says, “”I am a certified line blurer, a singular plural in a world of untold euphemisms, an intellectual prism who’s been given the only real wisdom to decipher the hidden system. I digress, i protest, i get angry and reject, i play chess, i profess i get angry again and yet still digress. I stand for something, something based in an endless code of cosmic composition slowing woven in to this beautiful yet ultra violent tapestry we rest beneath called EXISTENCE.”

Check out the track after the jump.