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Brahma Bull (@MoccasinCreekJM) from Moccasin Creek (@Moccasin_Creek): Hick-Hop’s Leader of The Pack [Interview]

by / Tuesday, 08 July 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS

Brahma Bull from Moccasin Creek

“Hick-Hop’s Leader of The Pack”
By Ed Lieber


02_featuredstar_03 Jeff “Brahma Bull” McCool writes so many songs, he has more than enough for Moccasin Creek. So, he decided he might as well put together some solo work. His debut solo album, “Through My Eyes”, will hit stories later this year featuring 14 songs, with bonus tracks likely to be added.

Brahma Bull names as his inspiration such bands/vocalists as the Beastie Boys, Kid Rock, Eminem, Wu Tang, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

“With all I’ve done in my musical history, all the artists I worked with and the bands I’ve been in, I am most proud of this record. It’s a reflection of who I am as an individual,” he’s gone onrecord saying.

While still 100% devoted to Moccasin Creek, McCool noted that his solo work is more personal and showcases a much stronger hip-hop emphasis. As he’s told us: “Moccasin Creek is our story. My solo work is my story.”

Rebel Row: What led you to develop your solo album?

Brahma Bull: I have always been part of a group. I had notebooks full of songs that told my own story – I mean I am always working. It got to a point where, even with Moccasin Creek, people are always asking me about what it is you’re doing with your music – why am I taking all these different influences—everything from country to southern rock to heavy metal and hip hop.

I thought that this is the perfect time for me to do my solo record – it’s a way for me to say everything I have to say about how I feel about music. I can use my music to answer those questions, to tell people with my lyrics what I am trying to do with my music from a bigger platform [meaning recorded work] instead of answering all the questions about it. I get asked these questions every single day, when I talk to people or email them or talk to them on social media.

There’s a whole lot of material that I wanted to put out for a long time but we’re always working as Moccasin Creek, we are always getting in front of our fans on the stage or with our videos. And I’m always writing. I finally had the opportunity to sit down and work on the material I’ve been writing all these years and I am really happy about it.

RR: How is your solo work different from what you do with Moccasin Creek?

BB: My solo work does not have as many singing notes in it. It is much more hip hop. I mean Moccasin Creek too, all of our songs are hip hop. But my solo work is my story, it’s about me. My solo album is my story but Moccasin Creek is our story.

brahmabullRR:When will your solo work be released?

BB: We’re just doing a single from the solo album now. The album probably will be released in the early fall. We’ll have an exact date in a couple of weeks. There’s a couple of things I am not happy with, I am a bit of an OCD-type of person. But it should be out sometime in August or September.
RR: Moccasin Creek has shown itself to be a true standout in this genre—one of the most high-profilebands playing this kind of southern rock-hip hop. Are you at all concerned thatit might be a little risky to go solo now? It seems there could be the potentialto send fans a mixed message about the future of Moccasin Creek…

BB: Absolutely. I am absolutely—absolutely concerned about doinga solo single now. I do see this as a big risk. But at the same time, Charlie has done four-five solocountry albums. He’s even done some old metal albums too.

So it’s not really a big issue if I put out something solo. It doesn’t mean that Moccasin Creek is done—not at all. But we have pulled back a little on my solo work—we are working to make sure our fans know that Moccasin Creek is not going anywhere.In fact we’re doing another Moccasin Creek album in November and we’ll alsohave an EP out this fall…

You see, what the general public doesn’t realize is that I’malways working, always writing. I have notebooks full of stuff. And also, while it has been a concern—me doing the solo stuff—at the same time, Charlie is in most of my solo videos, and he fully supports what I’m doing, 100%.

We may confuse some people with this—but then there are the fans I may pick up from the hip hop base with my solo work, who’ll want to get into Moccasin Creek. It might help us by generating a larger fan base for Moccasin Creek. We’re not going to lose fans in the long run—this can only help us, it can’t hurt us. It may create some confusion, but we won’t lose fans over confusion.

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