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#BroCountry makes #HickHop possible.

by / Saturday, 21 June 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS

Bro Country makes Hick Hop possible?


The Tennasean (link)  called Bobby the ‘Father of Bro-Country.

star_03What is bro country?  The term describes the heavily charting hits by artists who’s topics trend towards a ‘bro’s’ perspective on drinking, women and partying in a more objectified perspective than traditional country of the past.  When country in the past showed ‘women’ as a heartbreaks, or a love of a life, bro country trends to call women ‘girls’, an is way more concerned about her sun tan lines than her feelings.  The latter is accused of sexualizing women and tasteless according to country music traditionalists.

Classic tracks like “She Needs Someone To Hold Her” and “I Cross My Heart” have been replaced with “odes” to women that have much more misogynistic undertones, like Bryan’s 2011 track “Country Girl (Shake It For Me).” -DallasObserver

So is Bro’ Country an insult?  Honestly, no.  In a world where the dancing, music, live shows, and the industry is evolving at hyper speed, country music cannot avoid evolution.  ..In the very least ‘Country’ can expect influence by the consuming population at large.  The market has spoken and the results are stunning.  There are more mainstream country listeners now, than ever before.  The country market has evolved to stay relevant and traditionalists are pissed.  We now have Bro-Country, Hick Hop, Rebel Music, HellBilly, and the list goes on.  These fractions of the country genre are a direct result of listeners who can specifically pinpoint the type of country they want to listen to.  No longer is the entire nation coerced into listening to a ‘traditional’ style country music deemed acceptable via mainstream outlets.  In other words, Bro Country is making Hick Hop possible.  It has ushered in a fresh audience that are now realizing that they can get their ‘Bangin’ and Twangin’ and still get down on the dance floor.  It is a baby step from Bro Country to Hick Hop ..and that is a good thing.  Even though the term ‘Bro Country’ is a corny, it is not an insult and the market should be thankful it has brought fresh faces to many new artists that would have otherwise steered clear.



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