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Bubba Sparxx Speaks With MTV About New Album “Made On McCosh Mill Rd” & Mentions Redneck Souljers

by / Sunday, 15 June 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS


Bubba Sparxxx recently sat down with MTV to talk about his new album “Made On McCosh Mill Rd”, and he talks about being a country rapper, as well as name drops our boys in Redneck Souljers who will be featured on his new album. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Sparxxx said rather than being a country artist who raps, he’s always considered himself a rapper who happens to be from the country. (He had a close association with Timbaland early in his career when he was on Tim’s Beat Club label.) And McCosh, named after LaGrange, Georgia, road he grew up on, is another seamless mix of hip-hop and traditional country instruments like banjo and fiddle. The title track’s video was shot on the farm Sparxxx grew up and it features Danny Boone of Georgia rock/hip-hop band Rehab.

“It’s a return to home, period,” Sparxxx said. “Sonically, in terms of the instrumentation, imagery… this is seed sprouting [that’s] part of the planting I did a long time ago.” Sparxxx has brought along a number of similarly minded acts he hopes to bring into the spotlight on the album, including country singer JJ Lawhorn on “Past is Practice,” rural rappers Redneck Souljers on “Pay Attention” and the other two MC’s in his long-running side project I4NI on “Prolly Right.”

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