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Bubba Sparxxx – ‘Pain Management’ [review]

by / Thursday, 05 June 2014 / Published in ARTISTS, EDITOR PICKS, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW

star_03Bubba Sparxxx – ‘Pain Management’

Review by Christian Cipollini


star_03He was one of the first, if not the very first, artist to tap into the mainstream with a hybrid mix of country swagger and hip hop sensibility.  The 2003 Timbaland produced hit Deliverance made him a household name, and was followed up in 2005 with a Yin Yang Twins collaborative effort called Ms. New Booty.  Sparxxx seemed to disappear shortly after that though.  By no means a one hit wonder scenario, but something dark was underscoring his life; jeopardizing his career.  He openly referred to himself as a “human garbage can” during this period.  Indeed, the fine lines between the celebrity antics of Bubba Sparxxx and the real life troubles of a Georgia boy named Warren Anderson Mathis became an ugly gray area.

bubba sparxx coverRecord label shifts and a decision to return to music caused Sparxxx to do a little introspection.  The result?  An aptly titled collection of dirty dirty country infused rapping – that addresses many of the dynamics that made him who he was.  A good portion of those subjects addressed – beyond the pride of dirt roads and big trucks – was certainly his inner demons.  The most notable example of personal insight and serious reflection comes in a track called Splinter, which also features Crucifix.

The album is not all on a somber path though.  There are plenty of token Sparxxx foot tapping, beer guzzling upbeat inclusions.  Opening track Bangin kicks the album off with Bubba’s rap and a Kid Rock-esque chorus by Dan Rockett.  And you can’t go wrong with some good guitar licks to bring out the party on Getcha A Pull, featuring Dirt Reynolds.  Another standout… Country Folks, with Danny Boone and the unmistakable country rap of Colt Ford for good measure.