Recent Posts When the worst happens.. A homecoming gift of a mud truck turn into a tribute as Sgt. 1st Class William Kelly Lacey saves 50 lives while sacrificing his own.  The truck builders continue turning the gift into a memorial of the fallen hero so that his memory will live on. “He took a group

Well known bad-boy motorcycle builder and all-around wild man, Jesse James, is now venturing into a new kind of business. Jesse James Firearms Unlimited is the latest focus after having success with previous endeavors such as his motorcycle shop, West Coast Choppers, and his popular TV shows, such as Monster Garage. Interesting. I wonder if

Beer Box Racers are the European equivalent to our own bar stool racers in the United States. Now, this is a damn hobby we could get into, cheap, fast, dangerous, and most importantly, you would have to empty a case of beer to get the whole thing started. Got a NASCAR taste but a riding

Jesse James on why the hell he wanted to do a build off with American Chopper. “No one wants to put them in their place..” damn. Jesse brings the insight on why he accepted the build off with Jr. from Orange County Choppers. Now it makes sense.

Barstool V8!! [video]

Saturday, 04 January 2014 by

StaceyDavidsGearZ builds a damn 305 V-8 barstool racer. Talk about weight to power ratio.