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Dee Jay Silver (@deejaysilver1) “Country Club” [Album Review]

by / Thursday, 24 July 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW


Dee Jay Silver

“Country Club”

Review by Casey Felger


Dee Jay Silver is a popular club DJ/remixer/producer who has been entertaining fans for over 10 years. He now spends most of his time on tour as an opening act for Brad Paisley and others. Silver signed with record label RCA Nashville as a recording artist. Last summer, RCA released his “Country Club EP”, that features remixes of four songs.

The first remix “Two Black Cadillacs/Jolene” combines the classic sound of Dolly Parton with the fresh sound of Carrie Underwood. The mix is put together so well that if you have never heard either song, you’d never know it is a remix. You will hear Dolly singing about Jolene not taking her man with a smooth transition into Carrie singing about needing two black cadillacs for a funeral. The story from both songs mix unbelievably well as one.

On the second track, “Dixieland Delight”, Dee Jay Silver mixes supergroup Alabama with hip hop’s best selling group of 2002 Nappy Roots. Once again, Silver mixes the two artist in a manner that you will not be able to tell that it is a remix and not a collaboration of the two artists.

On the last track, Dee Jay Silver adds his upbeat beats to Jake Owen’s “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”. The mix is put together well and will easily draw crowds to the dance floor!

What you will enjoy about Dee Jay Silver and the EP “Country Club” is his style isn’t about changing country music it is about Dee Jay Silver “trying to let people hear country music and give it a chance that wouldn’t normally give it a chance.”