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Demun Jones Cares About His Fans & Offers Free Soundcheck Concert For Kids In Jones County March 21st (@DemunJones)

by / Thursday, 26 February 2015 / Published in REBEL NEWS


Here is another reason Demun Jones has our love and respect. He’s been trying to book an all-ages show in Jones County, but venue restrictions have prevented him from allowing kids inside venues where beer is being served. So what does Demun do? He makes a deal with the venue to put on a free concert at soundcheck and any adult with a ticket can bring as many kids as they want to watch the soundcheck performance and meet & greet afterwards. This shows you that he truly cares about his fans and wants to pass the torch to the next generation coming up.
Demun said on Facebook, “I want all my Jones County and Middle Georgia friends to know how much I’ve tried to do an all ages show in the area. It’s been quite a challenge. Although the show in Macon on March21st is 18 & up, I was able to workout something with the venue. Hopefully this will show how much I care about the kids in our area and want to include them in my music. SEE YOU AT SOUNDCHECK!!! please share, repost and spread the word.”