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DJ Chopstiqs “Life In A Mason Jar” Mixtape [Album Review]

by / Tuesday, 05 August 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW


DJ Chopstiqs

“Life In A Mason Jar” Mixtape

Review by Casey Felger

DJChopStiqs_Album_Review_featuredDJ Chopstiqs, known by many as the DJ for the Central California greats the Moonshine Bandits, has recently signed as a solo artist with booking agency Buddy Lee Attractions. His debut mixtape “Life in a Mason Jar” is exactly what the title says. His versatility, his love for music, and some of his life experiences is what came through in his mixtape.

The intro, “Life in a Mason Jar” is mixed with some Johnny Cash, a shout out from Rehab’s Demun Jones, some Uncle Kracker, and the DJ sound that defines Chop Stiqs as an artist. You feel like he takes you for a stroll down memory lane as you listen.

If you enjoy Rehab music, Chop Stiqs mixed in some “Kung Pao Chicken”, “All Night” and Demun Jone’s “Cali”. These songs give you a feel for his relationship with Rehab and some of their experiences.

For those of you that enjoy the sound of Moonshine Bandits classics such as “For The Outlaws”, “Summer Girl”, “Get Loose”, and “Super Goggles” than you will enjoy the creative and raw sound Chop Stiqs adds to those songs. Also included in the album is “Addicted” featuring Paradime. This was great track to include when you consider that Chop Stiqs music is about breaking down music barriers and putting it all into one regardless of what naysayers say!

In the middle of the mixtape you will here “Scratcher In The Rye”. As you listen to this track you will hear everything you expect when you envision a DJ doing his thing at a turn table.

“Set Me Free” by Pruno featuring Durwood Black is hard hitting track about life’s struggles and breaking free from negativity.

Chop Stiqs mixtape “Life In A Mason Jar” will take you on a musical journey through Chop Stiqs life. It’s about versatility, it’s about breaking down barriers, it’s about family, and it’s about stepping outside the box and looking at “life” in a different way.

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