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Ep.5 ‘Father Smos Best’ @TheRealBigSmo @AETV #HickHop

by / Thursday, 10 July 2014 / Published in EDITOR PICKS, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW

‘Father Smos Best’ Big Smo~ S1/Ep05

Brian “Savage Shiner” Sharp

WhitneyIn this fifth installment of Big Smo the episode is about fatherhood.   We have Smo finding out his daughter Ameria has a boyfriend testing his fatherhood, and that his old recording studio, which use to be his grandfather’s General Store, is getting too small to fit his new band.

The episode starts off with Smo waking up, making some breakfast, and heading off to work at the recording studio in his backyard. As was previously established it was his Grandfathers old general store that Smo and his father turned into a recording studio. Aptly named the “Kuntry Kitchen”, because it’s about that size, after band members start to trip and fall over equipment in the cramp space. Their manager Dan breaks the news to them he will find them a new place to record music in…

Along the fatherhood storyline, we find Smo and the family sitting around the dinner table in conversation when his youngest girl Lanica reveals every fathers worst nightmare, that the oldest daughter Ameria has a boyfriend. After giving her a hard time, he tells her to invite him over for dinner. Back at his old studio we find Smo reminiscing about his own father and getting sentimental about moving out of the old studio.

Dinner with Ameria’s new boyfriend, Jonathan, is hilarious as Smo interrogated the poor 16 yr old boy with such questions as.. “What’s your favorite Rick Ross song?” “Are you allergic to peanuts?” “What’s your credit score?” “What’s your favorite brand of camouflage?” and “If you were stuck in the woods, and had 3 wishes what would they be?” After the questioning, Smo approves of young Jonathan.   However, the first time Ameria asks if she and Jonathan can go on a date Smo’s fathering instincts take over and he tells her “..No” and explains that she is too young.

It is back to business as Smo’s manager Dan shows the band the new practice studio and as they play their first song in it . Suddenly it hits them that the Smo-jo is off. The guys proceed to redecorate the new studio with the stuff that was collected from the old studio and the place finally finds its sync when Smo puts his fathers picture up.

The episode concludes with a family high note and Smo telling Ameria that she could go on a date with Jonathan after all. Smo and Whitney (Smo’s Fiance) chaperon and reminisce about their own first date…


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