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[Exclusive Interview] Lovella Talk About Their Debut Album, Their Unique Country Sound, and Being Married

by / Monday, 23 March 2015 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS


Lovella broke out onto the scene with their debut single “Who’s To Blame”, and we’ve been hooked ever since. They have a unique and powerful melodic sound that digs it’s hook deep inside your ear drum.

Rebel Row sat down with Josh and Merisa from Lovella to talk about how this Cali couple came up with their unique sound, working in country music as a a married couple, and working with Rich Redmond drummer of the Jason Aldean band on their debut album.

RR: How did you two hook up with Lovella?


Merisa: Hook up is the right term! Josh was playing in a band on my father’s record label when we met at a show I attended with my dad. Despite the band telling Josh he had to stay away from the daughter of the label owner, we started to date. My father dropped the band shortly after but we kept Josh around and together we became Lovella.

RR: You are both married now, is it harder being in a group with your husband or wife??


Merisa: Not at all, if anything it has gotten easier. Don’t get us wrong we have our days but we are best friends and love doing everything together!

RR: Lovella is originally from Sacramento, CA and West Coast country typically has a distinct sound. Did that have an influence on your and how did it shape the Lovella sound?


Josh: I don’t know if we necessarily have a California sound. Merisa’s uncle Troy plays drums in the rock band Tesla and her dad started as a tour manager so she’s had some great classic rock influences and been around the music business all her life. I grew up in Northern California attending Bluegrass Festivals with my buddy every year that I could. Listening to bands like The Del McCoury Band, Alison Krauss and Union Station, Blue Highway and Doc Watson. In high school I started getting into rock music but your roots are what build you, every song I would write would come out country! Merisa and I started writing together and I think our influences have helped mold an original sound.


Lovella2RR: You went to Nashville to record the album with Rich Redmond drummer of the Jason Aldean band. What was that experience like and what did Rich bring to the table?


Josh: Rich is such a seasoned professional and he acted as our musical director (MD) as well as playing the drums. He was the one responsible for putting together the great group of musicians we have on the songs. He is such a great drummer and an all around talent not to mention the unbridled energy he brings to a project, it was truly an amazing experience.


RR: You recorded at Ronnie’s Place Studios are all legends including Johnny Cash, Trace Adkins, Merle Haggard, Vince Gill, Randy Travis, Alison Krauss. Did recording at the same studio as so many legends up the ante for you?
Merisa: We were so excited to record at Ronnie’s Place. We were reading the list of all the greats who have recorded there and it was surreal. We just feel blessed to have got that chance and we definitely wanted to bring our best to the table.

RR: Any cool stories from your time in the studio?


Josh: Here is a funny one for you! Nashville has their own charting system they use when recording in the studio. Rich asked Merisa if she had a preference on a section of one of our songs we were recording. While showing her the song he had charted out, he said “Hey Merisa, we were thinking of putting a diamond in right here…..what do you think?” of course Merisa has no idea what he is talking about and says “I like diamonds!” we all got a kick out of that!


RR: Give us some insight into the release of your first album (Album title etc)?

Merisa: Now that we have finished the EP, we are beginning the process of meeting with labels. We have a great management team working with us to find the right home for our music & we will also be putting up some songs & free downloads on our social pages in the very near future.


RR: What is one trend in the music industry that has to end?


Josh: I’d like to see the practice of newer artists having to buy on to a tour, or “pay to play” as it’s called come to an end on all levels.


RR: Describe Lovella to a fan that might not have heard you yet?


Lovella: We’d describe Lovella as a mix of old & new country influences with a little bit of rock & roll thrown in for good measure.