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[Exclusive Interview] Young Gunner Opens Up About New Album ‘Club Mud’, Working With Redneck Souljers & Bottleneck

by / Tuesday, 24 March 2015 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS


Young Gunner has been racking up an impressive catalog of solo tracks that we’ve featured on the site. His use of thunderous guitars, mixed with a slick southern flow, have earned him a reputation as one of the fastest rising stars in hick-hop. Rebel Row sat down with the former member Jawga Boyz, to talk about his brand new solo album “Club Mud”, going solo, his inspiration behind the music and why he’s just enjoying the good things in life.

Rebel Row: I’m always interested to hear the story of how a country boy started rapping. Was there records that made you say, “I need to do need to make music”?

Young Gunner: I’ve always been into all kinds of music, If it has a good beat or meaning then I like it. I remember being around 13 or 14 years old and listening to artist like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kid Rock, Korn, and Limp Bizkit and saying I want to do what they do! I lived in both the country and the city and have spent a lot of time in both the woods and the hoods. So one day I decided to start mixing the two in my music, which describes my rhymes having a country meaning with a street (gutter) flow or deliverance to it.

YoungGunner_MudClubRR: Give us some insight into why you named the album the ‘Club Mud’ EP?

YG: Well one day at a mud bog I met a this group of awesome people that  host events and went by the name of “Club Mud”. Later I got to talking with the owner’s Joe Dean and Steve Woodman and told them I liked what they had going and I wanted to give them a shout out in a song. They said yes so I mentioned them in a song called ‘Takin Pictures’ on my first album. Since then we’ve become good friends who help promote and watch out for one another. So when it came to coming up with the title for my new album, We decided that the music and their party atmosphere go good together, So “Club Mud” it was!

RR: How much does living in the South and the way of life inspire the music?

YG: A lot!. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if I wouldn’t have thought about mixing my country lifestyle with rap music. I’m proud to be born and raised in the south and I show it in my music!

RR: What is it about living there that people not from the area just don’t understand?

YG: In the country people want to take it slow and enjoy the good things in life, I think everyone else is too busy trying to hurry through life and not even taking a second to think about it

RR: How did you come to work with Redneck Souljers and what did they bring to the table?

YG: I’ve always been a fan of and wanted to work with them since the first time I heard them. When I was in the studio making ‘Dirty Maxxx’  the beat and the vibe just felt like it needed them on it. So I sent it to them they put some awesome lyrics and completed the sound I wanted the song to have!

RR: Bottleneck jumped on a track on the album as well. What was it like working with him and how does he compliment your style?

YG: It’s always a pleasure and fun working with Bottleneck. I think anytime anyone hears a song with me and him together they get a feeling of a real country lifestyle from some real country boys.

RR: When working with another artist on a track does it force you to step up your game? Have you ever got back a track from another artist and it made you got back in and change your verse or the direction of the song?

YG: I think anytime artist work together they always want to do a better job then the other, so yes it pushes me to do my best. I have never changed or been disappointed in a verse, I try not to record it if I’m not 110% satisfied with it.RR: How important is staying in touch with fans via social media in today’s music businessYoungGunner?

YG: It’s what can make or break a new upcoming artist. Fan’s like a artist that doesn’t act like they’re to good to talk to them. I always try to respond to all my fan’s when I can, Sometimes I get so busy it’s hard to do that, but anytime I can get a min to talk to my fan’s I do and always will. Hearing from my fan’s it keeps me going!

RR: What trend in country or hick-hop do you wish would finally die a slow and horrible death?

YG: I don’t wish any bad on anything or anyone…If it works do it, If it don’t it’s your problem.