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Hank Williams III (@HANK_III) Lists His #Top10EssentialCountryArtists

by / Thursday, 22 May 2014 / Published in ARTISTS, REBEL NEWS

If you could ask someone who is undoubtedly Country Royalty any question at all, what would it be? Why it would be what music HE respects and enjoys, wouldn’t it? And that’s exactly the question he answered when speaking with

#1: Hasil Adkins. “He was an original, no doubt. Hasil was one of those amazing underdogs whose brain worked differently from everybody else’s. The way that we conceived of his guitar playing and singing, and even just the way that he talked – he was a big inspiration to a lot of musicians out there. The Cramps paid a lot of respect to him, as did blues and country artists, as well.”

#2: Dock Boggs. “The blues banjo has always stood out to me, and Dock was one of the best on the instrument. There’s also his voice – I could identify with that high, nasal-y sound. You put those two things together, the voice and the banjo, and I’m in.”

#3: Harry Choates. “It’s a sad story with Harry. He was an amazing Cajun fiddle player in the 1940s, but he died early, before he actually turned 40. He leaves behind one of those only-the-good-die-young legacies.”

#4: David Allan Coe. “He’s been kind of like a grandfather to me. He’s one of the few guys in the business I can call for advice and expect a straight-up answer. He’s watched me grow up, I’ve watched him do his thing – we have a lot of history together.”

#5: Wayne Hancock. “Wayne ‘The Train.’ He’s been my running buddy, and he’s taught me a lot. When I got signed to Curb Records, I started listening to songs to put on my record. In addition to my own songs, I wanted to record a few numbers by a couple of outsiders. Every time I heard Wayne’s stuff, it stood out to me as being very special.”

#6: Waylon Jennings. “As it is with George Jones, I put on Waylon when I want to get pumped up or brought way down. There’s something about Waylon’s sound that makes him different from Johnny Cash or Willie. His guitar style, what he’s singing about and how he lived it – you hear the music and you know the man.”

#7: George Jones. “George was blessed with one of those voices, just like Ray Charles and Willie Nelson – all you have to do is hear two notes and you know who it is”

#8: Jimmy Martin. “When you’re talking bluegrass in Tennessee, there’s Bill Monroe and Jimmy Martin, two giants. Not only was Jimmy one of the real kings of bluegrass; he was also an incredible person and a true character. A lot of people don’t have the drive that he had. He lived both sides of it, enjoying commercial success but also being the underdog.”

#9: Johnny Paycheck. “His music was a real part of him – it was him. All you needed to do was listen to what he sang and how he sang it, and you knew the deal.”

#10: Hank Williams. “Hank knew that he wasn’t going to be around for long, so he got as much work done while he could. There wasn’t much film made of him, but the recordings were captured. It’s a lot to take in, the music and the history. It’s funny, because he’s a legendary musician, but he’s also my grandfather. The way that I absorb it all is pretty unique, I’ll admit.”

While the above list includes some quotes from Hank III, it is not all he had to say about his favorite country performers! Click the link for more!

—DJ Silkee