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Hank Williams III (@HANK_III) Shows Off His 5 Favorite Punk/Metal Outlaw Tattoos To Revolver Magazine (@Revolvermag)

by / Friday, 27 June 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS


Hank 3 continues to kick ass and take names and he’s doing a press blitz for his new album “Brothers of the 4×4”. He most recently spoke to Revolver Magazine about his tattoos.

Hank 3 has been getting tattoos as far back as when he was living with his mom. But one tattoo the sometime Superjoint Ritual member will never forget getting is the goat-mule beast that artist Paul Booth placed on his left arm.

“The night before, someone put a shot onstage, and I guess they dosed it with a bunch of acid,” he recalls. “I couldn’t shake it off. Sure enough, with no sleep, I freaked out in Paul Booth’s chair.”

Equally memorable are the cowboy and punk skulls on his arms, which he refers to as Jekyll and Hyde. “There’s something about them that fans feel connected to,” he says, “and we have to keep making them proud.”

In the interview he discusses the artists and events that influenced him to get inked. Read the full interview online at