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Hero of the day, Sgt. 1st Class William Kelly Lacey.

by / Friday, 06 June 2014 / Published in BUILDERS, EDITOR PICKS, REBEL NEWS


star_03When the worst happens..
A homecoming gift of a mud truck turn into a tribute as Sgt. 1st Class William Kelly Lacey saves 50 lives while sacrificing his own.  The truck builders continue turning the gift into a memorial of the fallen hero so that his memory will live on.

“He took a group of soldiers to a fighting position at the front gate. They said he personally took down three insurgents that were wearing suicide vests. They had gotten seven meters within the perimeter, into the camp. He killed them before they had a chance to detonate their vests,” she said.

“That truck is allowing him to continue to live”.

Today we are taking a moment to think about William and Ashley Lacey.