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There has been a lot of great releases in 2014 and we’ve been blessed with some powerful new music. has compiled a list of Top Hick-Hop Videos of 2014 online at Here is a list of the Top videos of 2014:

Demun Jones “Tannerite”

The most popular video of the year from Georgia native and Rehab member Demun Jones. Jones isn’t a newcomer to the music industry, but 2014 has been a banner year for the Jones County boy. His album Jones County was released on June 10th and you can buy it at Amazon now

Lenny Cooper “Duramax”

An homage to the General Motors diesel engine, Lenny Cooper has a Hick Hop hit on his tires, and his lyric video showing off his favorite sport is a perfect match for the original mud digger. North Carolina is Cooper’s hometown, and “Duramax” features the stylings of Young Gunner as well.

Sarah Ross “Shotgun”

Hick Hops first true hick hop star’s song “Shotgun” from Mud Digger 5 was a fan favorite and the video for Ross’s “Shotgun” shows why we think she has a long career of making Country Rap. I’ve been to New Jersey and I know most of it is more like Tennessee than NYC, so it’s no surprise we’re hearing some shore nuff true country honesty from Ross.

Redneck Souljers “Down This Road”

Nobody sounds like Redneck Souljers. Fatt Tarr and C-Hub create an audio and visual presentation that together make the type of art that transcend Hick Hop, but you can’t wipe the country off these boys and “Down This Road” shows that aspect off well. From Winchester, TN, Redneck Souljers was founded in 2009, and we can’t wait to hear what 2015 has to offer

Jawga Boyz “Welcome To Jawga”

Athens Georgia based Jawga Boyz headed by talented producer D-Thrash are legendary for their live draw, and D-Thrash always seems pull off that southern vibe that draws the crowd to watch the videos, and “Welcome to Jawga” featuring Dez and Demun Jones is another success. Tackling the controversial use of the rebel flag head-on, D-Thrash explains his reasons for flying it high.

Bubba Sparxxx “Made On McCosh Mill Rd”

If you’ve ever heard the word Hick Hop, I’ll bet you’ve also heard Bubba Sparxxx. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Bubba, there wouldn’t be a Hick Hop, not like it is now. Sparxxx takes us back home to the kind of raising he got growing up. Everything Sparxxx puts together is good, and McCosh road is no different.

The Lacs “Nothing In Particular”

The Lacs were one of the first Hick Hop Groups to break out on the heels of Colt Ford’s success with “Trash In My Trailer”. The Lacs have sold a lot of music since, and here’s the official for “Nothing In Particular” a song about, well, doing nothing in particular”. Everything The Lacs put out is top-shelf fire.

Colt Ford – “The High Life”

If you go to Reverb and find any Hick Hop artist, 99% of the time, you’re going to find Colt Ford listed as one of their top 2 influences. The King Of Hick Hop, Colt Ford released a live Concert DVD, Crank It Up, and put out “The High Life along with Chase Rice. Another fine production from Ford, any video he puts out will be one of the most popular of the year

Bottleneck “Dirt Road Soldiers”

I first saw Bottleneck in the Jawga Boyz Video for “Ridin’ High” and have tried to keep up with him ever since. He might not look like a rapper, but Bottleneck has serious skills. “Dirt Road Soldiers” is an anthem to all the Rednecks in the wood keeping it country. The only problem I have with Bottleneck is that he doesn’t put out enough music. Of course, I’d never say that to his face.

Mikel Knight “Last Night In Texas

Mikel Knight has been doing the country rap thing for a while, but “Last Night In Texas” is his first official video in almost three years. Knight’s flair for the dramatic seems to be in tact, and Knights still strong popularity draw people in. As of this writing, “Last Night In Texas” already had over 100,000 views in a little over a month.

Danny Boone “Camo Bikini”

Rehab founder Danny Boone has been making music for going on 2 decades, and “Camo Bikini” shows he hasn’t lost even half a step since his early days rapping about talking to bartenders and Miss Jones. The video for “Camo Bikini” is obviously visually appealing, and it matches the vibe of the song to a T.

Cap Bailey “Dip-N-Brews”

Cap Bailey came out of nowhere in 2014 and filled a slot on the coveted Mud Digger 5, which is always the most popular compilation in Country Rap every year. The video for “Dip-N-Brews” went viral even before the release of the CD, and we’re thinking 2015 will be a break-out year for Cap Bailey

Dez “Born With It”

Jawga Boyz member Dez shows his skills with his debut solo single “Born With It”. Based out of Athens, Dez has the fasted delivery in Hick Hop, and has been called the Eminem of Country Rap. We’ve been hearing from Dez as a part of Jawga Boyz for years, but we’re looking forward to seeing what he can do on his own.

Moonshine Bandits “Thowdown”

I first saw Moonshine Bandits when they released “Get Loose” in 2011, but the California duo has been making music since 2003, and they’ve taken the Hick Hop label to the west coast, frequently bringing in other Hick Hop artists like The Lacs, who are featured in Throwdown.