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[Interview] Mickey Avalon Talks #OutlawCountry, #ClassicCars and #NakedGirls

by / Monday, 19 May 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS


Hollywood rapper Mickey Avalon has a brand new solo EP out called “I Get Even”. Rebel Row discovered that Mickey is actually a big fan of outlaw country music and that he has a love for classic cars, and painting. Rebel Row caught up with Mickey to talk about his new EP and everything he has going on.

Rebel Row: You’ve been very vocal about your love for country music, which might come as a surprise to some people. Can you remember the album or artist that got you into country?

Mickey Avalon: There’s wasn’t any particular song or album, it was just one of the kinds of music, that my old man listened too. Jerry Lee Lewis, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, The Louvin Brothers, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and plenty more. Since then, I’ve found alot more. Mainly, women country singers, like Lucinda Williams, Gillian Welch, Emmylou Harris, and Dolly Parton. They write songs just as good as the guys, and have beautiful voices.

RR: There is a huge movement in country that is melding together country and hip-hop, which critics have dubbed “hick-hop’. What do you think of the movement and the melding of the two genres?

MA: I honestly don’t know much about that movement, so I can’t really speak on it. But I think it’s cool, when any kind of musical genres mix. That’s the thing about music, that there’s no rules.

RR: If you could collaborate with anyone in country music who would work with?

MA: My favorite is Hank 3, and it looks like I’m actually gonna be lucky enough to work with him, very soon. It would also be cool, to do a song with Lucinda Williams.

RR: Would you ever consider putting together a country song or even an album?

MA: I can’t sing, so I couldn’t do it myself. But I’d love to collaborate to make one.


RR: In addition to being a musician, you are also a painter. Tell us a bit about your work as a painter. How long have you been painting and when do you find time to pain when you’re always on the road?

MA:  I’ve painted since I was a teenager. I started in oils, but now I use oil and spraypaint, and whatever else is laying around. I guess, you could say I paint in an expressionistic type style. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much time to paint, but I try to get it in as much as I can.

RR: What sort of things inspire you to paint?

MA: I pretty much just paint naked chicks these days. It just seems like a timeless subject, and there ain’t nothing else, that matches their beauty.

RR: Tell us about your collection of classic cars. What cars do you own? What are your working on and do you customize them to trick them out in Mickey Avalon fashion?

MA:  I have an addictive personality, so that pretty much carries over to all aspects of my life. I have a 49 Chevy pick-up truck, 61 Chevy Impala bubble top, 59 Pontiac Bonneville, 64 Pontiac Grand Prix, 68 Caddilac CoupeDeville, and a 70 Pontiac Lemans Sport Convertible. I got em all real cheap, and am giving them the love they need, one at a time. The Impala is the only one, thats pretty much finished being worked on, thanks to my boy, at DivineOne Customs in Vegas, and to Rockford Fosgate, for hooking up the sounds. That’s why I love hot rods, cuz you can customize and personalize your car, exactly how you want it. You could use parts from different years and models of cars, boost up the engine, etc. Nowadays, cars are so damn cookie cutter, and all people seem to be concerned about is gas mileage. Don’t get me wrong, the price of gas, is fucking outrageous these days, so just sell more drugs, or do more of whatever it is, that gets you by.


RR: If you could buy any car what would you buy?

MA:  Probably a 1970 Plymouth Superbird. It’s pretty much a Roadrunner with a crazy nose, and tail fin. I think the Dodge Daytona is almost identical to it. They’re both super rare, and cost a few hundred g’s, so don’t think, I’ll be adding one to my collection any time soon.

RR: If we looked in your iPod “Recently Played” playlist what we would we find at the moment?

MA: I ain’t got an iPod, so I pretty much just listen to the Outlaw Country channel on XM Sirius. It’s channel 60. I gotta few records on my phone too, that I can plug into my car. The White Stripes, Velvet Underground, Jane’s Addiction, Jimi Hendrix, and Hank 3.

RR: Tell us about the covert art for your new “I Get Even” Ep, which features you punching a security guard in the face. There has go to be a great story behind that image and why was it the perfect cover art for this album?

MA:  Ha ha. I wish there was a great story. Just an asshole little usher at the Santa B****** Bowl, being a dick to my girlfriend, and when I told him to stop, he sicked his big security guard on me. It all happened kind of quick, and made the cover of the city paper, the next day. It wasn’t the security guard’s fault, he was just doing what he was told. The usher though, did get fired, cuz he instigated the whole thing.

RR: Tell us about the album you’re working on at the moment and what fans can expect from it musically?

MA:  Shit, I never really have too much of a plan, when I go in the studio. I try to not fix it, if it ain’t broken, and most importantly, not to do something that sucks.