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[Interview] OUTLAW DJ : Hick-Hop’s Pirate Radio King from Average Joe Radio

by / Monday, 30 June 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS

Outlaw Dj

OUTLAW DJ from Average Joe’s Radio

“Hick-Hop’s Pirate Radio King”
By Jesse James


star_03 OUTLAW DJ has been playing the very best in country hick-hop for the past couple years and waiving the flag for the entire scene. He is the host of Average Joe’s Radio DJ and interviews the very best artists in the entire hick-hop scene. sat down with OUTLAW DJ to pick his brain and find how how this hick-hop radio pirate is infiltrating the airwaves.

Rebel Row: Introduce yourself and tell Rebel Row readers a bit about why you make the perfect Rebel…

Outlaw DJ: My name is Sean Scanlon, I am an Aussie Radio DJ & Event MC as well I DJ live at events.

I am known now as DJ Seano or the OutlawDJ, I specialise in, promote and give radio airplay to Country Rock and Hick Hop Country, the new genres of Modern Country though it’s been around since the Devil Went Down To Georgia but some people don’t know their music history or can’t handle that!!

I actually got the OutlawDJ tag which is my twitter handle from a USA based musician I met through a USA mate who called me the Outlaw DJ cos I play on radio what others don’t dare to and I quoted it a few times and it’s kinda stuck with listeners,  My shows theme song now is Moonshine bandits “For The Outlawz” I am a single parent bringing up my little girl solo and I have to be mum and dad for her and I am very close to her, she probably won’t have a boyfriend until she is at least 35! I created a driving national circle work competition for Aussie pick up trucks (UTES) here in Australia I aim to bring to the USA sooner than later.I MC / host many live music events here in Australia and at times have toured with some premier artist around the country.


I have featured in many film clips with stunt driving and other roles, I run a show here on Australian radio and started a new show on Average Joes Radio in the USA. My ambition is to travel to and live in the USA and build a career on USA radio and host shows for USA Hick Hop Country Rock artist over there then travel home to Australia on tour and introduce them to Aussie culture including vegemite.

I want to be the DJ artist trust, respect and request to work with. I also want to be the best dad in the world to my little girl and find her a worthy role model and myself a worthy trustworthy partner!

RR: You’ve professed your love for outlaw country music. Tell us a bit about what turned you onto the scene and what artists are your personal favorites and why?

ODJ: What turned me onto the scene was hearing young people here in Australia playing top 40 or basic rock music at country events after a country band finished when people were back at their camp sites, I envisaged there has to be country party music so I scoured the internet to find it.Outlaw Dj2

I first discovered artist like the easy to find big names Big N Rich, Cowboy Troy type artist then of course a kiwi born boy but grew up in Australia Keith Urban and the further I dug the more I found and loved, From there I found the Lacs, Moonshine Bandits, Colt Ford, Rehab, Charlie Farley, JJ Lawhorn and many more, I was sick of traditional country all the time so I decided an avenue was needed here in Aus for radio in this genre and then pursued a radio career in an untapped genre here on Australian radio.

Some of my favorites are Colt Ford – great guy, great music, one of the pioneers and believers of the genre.
Cowboy Troy – another pioneer of the genre and great showman. Big N Rich taking a party to a PARTAAAY. Demun Jones – persistent lyrical genius all round great guy. The Lacs – played them before even the USA were onto them like now! They were still relatively underground when I interviewed Uncle Snap Clay Sharpe 3 yrs ago there bouts!
Moonshine Bandits – West Coast Country they do it their way and have done it right from the start their way and I respect that, I take that attitude into every show of my own! Sarah Ross – Princess of Hick Hop this girl is gonna change the game there is NO reason that she couldn’t break the genre onto commercial radio with her sound and marketability I sense BIG things to come!! I really could go on and on there is sooo much talent out there and coming through it is exciting times for the genre and I hope to uncover a few new artist on my shows!!!

RR: You are DJ/HOST of The MudDiggin DownUnder Radio Show on Average Joe’s Radio. Tell us how you got involved in the radio show and with Average Joes?

ODJ: I have always been into music from a young age being a drummer for a few bands and I have been in radio here in Australia for around 7 years running a breakfast show on a rural station for 5 years and then I added a speciality country rock night show and finally switching to a weekend Saturday night show which currently runs on a Saturday Night from 7-9 pm on 104.7 GippslandFM. You can hear it on

Average Joes Entertainment has been a label I have watched grow for sometime now and I am the only bonafide Country DJ in Australia covering the Hick-hop country rap sound on radio here and very proud of that, I use the tag on air.
“Tomorrow’s Country today”. Having built a relationship with Average Joes staff and getting support from them with my Aussie radio shows I saw an opportunity to present the music to a USA audience on their turf so to speak being for the Average Joes Radio station and I asked Average Joes Ent. if they were interested in hearing my demo show which I recorded for Average Joes Radio, to which they said they would take a listen. All I had was music and a show idea along with a dream / goal to pursue an American career.

I pitched the idea mixing Aussie & USA country rock with Hick-hop in an energized show (NO SLOW STUFF HERE), then recorded a 30 minute demo. I then got the nod I was on the right track. Since first being aired the show sound has become more complete with the Average Joe’s and Aussie artist recording show id’s and coming on for interviews as well.

My goal is to get to the USA to live and work and do live on air shows promoting this music style and hosting live shows touring with artist and starting the party off! I hear the Americans like to party so us Aussies have a lot in common with you guys!
RR: In your opinion who is the most underrated artist in the scene that people are sleeping on at the moment?
ODJ: Oh that is a hard one I would say the next big mover could be Sarah Ross, not so much underrated but she is still getting out there via cameos on other artist songs, I think when her cd drops this gal could have the world at her feet if she plays her cards right, she has the look, she has the ability, she has the voice and importantly she has her own unique style which stands out in her cameos on songs so far, if her two songs out Shotgun and Knock em Dead are anything to go by this girl could be the undisputed Princess of Hick Hop and I think she could be the next big mover in the industry with her marketability and what I have heard so far. Managed right and with Average Joes behind her there is no reason she can’t get HickHop knocking on the charts doors and making a name for it on commercial radio!!!

For Australian artist you can’t go past Christie Lamb she is a talented female artist with an exceptional talent ready to explode on the scene and also is very pretty which is a bonus, the USA lads will love her! She has an album out called All She Wrote and it is a quality album.

A band that is brilliant here are the Wolfe Brothers from Tasmania worth watching too, they are an amped up 4 piece Country Rock band that are touring with Lee Kernaghan currently and are about to drop their second studio album the follow up to their first album titled It’s On, the next album is called Nothing but Trouble and sure to be a great album for them, ya wanna check these guys out they are sure to AMP YOU UP, I play them on Average Joes Radio along with Christie Lamb!

RR: Any moments from the radio show that stand out in your mind?
ODJ: I really am passionate and amped up with every show I do, I am very passionate about the new country genres and have already met some amazing new friends and listeners who interact on twitter & Facebook.
Certainly 4 highlights particularly stand out for me was seeing my name as artist now playing on Average Joes Radio phone app as it was a proud moment for an aussie DJ, some here are calling me the Keith Urban of DJ’s in Australia breaking into the USA market, being named / featured on a NY Times podcast referring to my show as a one of a kind show was special and amazing to hear. Interview wise, I recently interviewed Demun Jones on his new album “Jones County” which is a fair dinkum amazing album and one of the best I have heard, he is a brilliant writer and a guy I would love to have a drink with one day!
The other interview airs on the 4th July 7am USA time ( USA Independence Day ) with my mate Colt Ford a pioneer in this industry and it was a cool conversation on his new album Thanks For listening which is also another great album Colt dedicates to his fans with many guest featured on it including Willie Robertson Duck Calls and all, as well we covered some personal life stuff with both artist on a pop quiz where I ask about a dozen questions from fav food to most embarrassing moment, ya never know what ya gonna get it is very random and some answers need to be cleared for airplay hahaha

RR: What is the outlaw country rap scene like in Australia verses America?
ODJ: America has the rap / hip-hop heritage plus overall more heritage than Australia, I am an aussie boy always will be at heart but we are really followers of America and England in everything from Fashions music technology fads the lot, Aussies are still discovering Twitter here. The genre has got support down here for sure though we are a long way off America’s lead but I am working to push that time frame forward here.

America has got some real talent going on over there and another reason why I think it is growing rapidly there is because of the accessibility to artist and the amount of live shows / tours going on, the artist also make themselves very accessible to their fans there and that assist greatly in growth of the genre keeping it real and taking time with fans and fan interaction on social media! We aren’t at the same level here in Australia yet but it is starting to happen!

RR: What is the biggest misconception about Australia that you get from Americans?
ODJ: People always say to me did ya throw a shrimp on the barbie? We don’t call them shrimp for starters we call em prawns, who created this? Surely can’t have been an Aussie? A few others are Americans think Kangaroos are everywhere here even in the city? That kinda would be like us asking bout grizzly bears wandering around LAX airport or working out at Golds Gym?
Also when artist from the states tour Australia they are amazed with their popularity down here, Aussies love the country genre, we have the trucks and field parties down here, we call field parties BnS balls (Batchelor & Spinster) and if you are ever in Australia make sure it is in March and get ya self to the Elmore Ball in Victoria Australia in March it is Huuuge!!!
RR: What song is on your iPod right now and why?
ODJ: My ipod / iphone forever changes due to needing to review music for shows so I carry what I need to review and what I need to get a feel for, currently I have been focusing on Danny Boones Fish Grease album as I have an interview forthcoming however in my car I have currently been playing Jones County Demun Jones and the new MudDigger5 album which is clearly the best of that series so far!

RR: Do you have any tattoos? If so tell us about your first tattoo experience…
ODJ: My first tattoo was on my left arm and it is a wizard as I like them and think I was a wizard in a past life, maybe I was a wizard DJ in a past life instead of an Outlaw DJ? I got it 16 hours before turning 18 and was shitting myself my mother was gonna embarrass me and waltz in and rip me out of the chair. Every time a person walked in I shook in fear as she always threatened if I got one she would slice it off with a razor, even at 18 I feared my mum!

RR: Tell us a bit about the tattoos that you have and what they mean to you..
ODJ: I have a few but my most personal one is my daughters name and birthday so I didn’t forget it, knowing a tattooist I was so proud I got it done at there shop with a phone call before the nurses even bathed my daughter, nar jokes bout forgetting it but it was only 7 hours after she was born!

I also have a sun with a surfer in the centre of it tattoo on my right outta calf as I saved for my first real holiday interstate and the day I got there I was very sick, the trip was to Surfers Paradise in Queensland Australia and as I never saw the surf or sun the whole trip I wanted to leave with a memory of the trip so I got this to remind me I need to try planning a trip like this again as I missed the chance to hit the beach ( it was 18 yrs ago and hasn’t happened yet) plus I took a shit load of spending money but was to crook to go anywhere until the last afternoon there and that day the weather was storms and no sun!!! So I went stuff it I’m getting a tattoo!

RR: What advice do you have for choosing tattoos?
ODJ: Choosing a tattoo is a lifelong decision that you need to make carefully, not only choosing something that means or represents something to you but it’s just as important choosing the right tattooist to do the job, I have seen some terrible stuff out there! Like chefs, taxi drivers teachers or parents there are great, good average and shit, you just need to find the good or great to be fully satisfied, AND NEVER PICK ONE OFF A WALL!!! BE ORIGINAL in your design!

RR: Are you into cars at all? What do you currently drive?
ODJ: I love cars I have wasted lots of money on cars over the years, my first car was a Holden Torana LJ GTR – XU1 and it was fast.I have had a number of Holden VS Commodore Utes (utilities) Aussie version of a USA pick up truck but they are 4×4 and 2 wheel drive but a lot lower than the states due to road laws here, I had a 5 poster truck style bull bar with 3 n half inch steel tube and it sat low resembling a freight train with truck airhorns, stacks, mudflaps and heaps of lights and aerials, thats how the aussies do it, currently though I have a Toyota Hilux with mud tyres and 3 inch lift ( I know it’s lame laws here) and I drive a Nissan Navara ute for work!

RR: If you could buy any car what would you buy?

ODJ: Heck it would have to be a Monster style truck Ford or Chev camo wrapped, supercharged, huge black wheels & bumpers and a big set of nuts hanging on the back, I really love em all!
Sports muscle car give me an old restored SS Camaro any day!
I am also into my harleys as far as bikes go!
I like anything jacked up high or if it’s low it needs to be a muscle car, basically I am into LOUD!

RR: Here is your chance to plug your website and let us know everything you’re currently working on….

ODJ: You can checkout my website at and for social media you can follow me on twitter OUTLAWDJ or like my newly created MudDigging Down Under page on FB. I follow back and enjoy interaction with the fans out there! On going I am working on my Aussie Radio Show on air Saturday Nights in Australia 7-9pm on Gippsland FM 104.7
and you can hear it via TuneInradio phone app. For my radio show on Average Joes Radio I am on air Fridays 7-8 am Eastern USA time which is 9pm here in Australia and the show repeats on the Monday also for the USA listeners at 12pm Eastern USA time. You can download the radio station app Average Joes Radio in the app stores or tune via

Coming up I have a few interviews and features but on the 4th July you don’t want to miss Colt Fords interview for the album Thanks For Listening where you will learn a lot about Colt in it as I don’t do interviews like most others, not knocking anyone else but I have my own style in interviews. Also I am going to be giving away a signed Average Joes guitar later this year on the show via twitter & FB pages but you will have to tune in to see when and how to enter. I am also working on a project where I hope to unearth a new hick-hop artist giving them a huge opportunity.

RR: What qualities do you think make someone a perfect Rebel?

ODJ: The perfect rebel is someone who doesn’t conform, you need to be yourself and also stand up for what you believe in, identify yourself and live by who you are, if you want that tattoo or to wear certain clothes do it! Some people say I aren’t country as I don’t wear a Cowboy Hat but you don’t have to wear a cowboy hat to be country! I have learnt to be me and who I am, I guess I rebel from the normal country folk here playing Outlaw Country and dressing different to their standards.

Never spend your life trying to make others happy or you will never be happy within yourself, the world has enough conforming people but we need more rebels in this world! Live hard Play harder, party up and have a good time, regret nothing! Ride a big bike or drive a jacked up truck! Before I go I just want to say great work to all the team at Rebel Row for all your work for the genre, you guys RAWK!!!

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