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[Interview] Outlaw The “Backwoods Badass” (@outlawdipper @rednecksouljers @EdPryor)

by / Tuesday, 03 March 2015 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS



Outlaw has been grind for years, and nobody works harder than this badass mother trucker. With a greasy flow that kicks you in the ass like some 150 proof Kentucky Moonshine, Outlaw is contagious and charismatic from the minute you press play.

He recently just dropped a brand new Ed Pryor video for “Backwoods Badass” featuring Redneck Souljers that exploded and instantly went viral in the hick-hop scene. Rebel Row caught up with the original mother trucker to get the inside scoop on his new video and how he plans to keep it frikin’ hillbilly.

RR: Talk a bit about the inspiration for the song and how you hooked up with Redneck Souljers on the remix?

OUTLAW: Originally I wrote the song back in March 2013. I found the beat on YouTube and immediately knew I had to do somethin’ with it! I wrote it solely to express my love for the backwoods lifestyle and knowing there was a lot of mother truckers out there that felt the same way. Within a week after I wrote it I filmed the music video and uploaded it all myself. Fast forward a year or so the popularity of the song was huge! I was hangin’ out with Tarr & Hubb (Redneck Souljers) and we all agreed it would be sick as tits to release a remix featuring them. We never planned on doin’ a music video for it due to it only bein’ a remix, but the song was a big hit so why the tits not!?

Outlaw_1RR: Talk a bit about your relationship to the Redneck Souljers guys and why you two have such great musical chemistry together?

OUTLAW: It’s kinda funny cause I met the Souljers EXACTLY a year from the date we released the “Backwoods Badass” music video, totally unplanned. We met up originally just because we were fans of each other’s work and I needed help filming my music video at the time for “She looks better after every beer”. They’re in Tennessee and i’m in Kentucky so it wasn’t a far commute. We hit it off instantly and all became good buddies. Since that first time I met em, we’ve got together multiple times just to hang out and kiss each other I MEAN work with each other… I reckon the reason we have such great chemistry is because we’re all silly sumbitches that love what we do, and we’re smart about what works and what don’t.

    Outlaw_5RR: Ed Pryor directed the video and he’s really one of the best directors and producers in the scene at the moment. What was it like working with him and tell us how you came up with the concept for the video?

OUTLAW: Ed is the mayne. That sumbitch is a magician with a camera. I was very fortunate for him to tell me he wanted to work with me. Working with him is fun cause he’s a city boy, so I always give him shit but he’ll give it right back to ya. But when it’s time to film, I shut my mouth and do my part. The concept of the video actually came to me when I was drivin’ down to Tennessee to film it! I wanted it to be more of a story rather than a performance. I told the Souljers and Ed my idear, we fixed a couple things then got er dun!

RR: The video has almost 200,000 views in under a month, which is amazing when your completely independent and doing everything yourself outside of the traditional music industry routes. Did you think the video would do as well as it did?

OUTLAW: I always knew it would do well. I’ve worked hard to build my name the past 8 years and also know the ins and outs of the way online video works. My audience is very vocal and they spread the word enormously. That’s something that a lot of these label musicians and traditional media companies don’t have. They aint willing’ to put in work for 8 years like I did. And I aint even got started yet!

RR: Tell us a bit about your site and everything you’ve got going on there?

OUTLAW: One thing since I first started making videos back in 2007 that I wanted to do was have merchandise. I always liked the idea of a “brand”. I got hooked up with Redneck Nation Clothing out of Florida in like 2010 and they’ve been doin’ my merch ever since! I’m not in it to sell a t-shirt, i’m in it to promote a lifestyle.

Outlaw_3RR: If Outlaw was given a reality show what kind of insanity would we see? Would you do a reality series or would it be too intrusive on your personal life?

OUTLAW: Well most “reality” shows you see nowadays are a buncha B.S. “Controversy creates cash” and those television networks know it. As for me, if I had a show, it would without a doubt be the greatest show of all time! I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t want to watch my dumbass giggin’ frogs, shootin’ deer, drankin’ beer, and kissin’ country girls!? I live on a farm just me and my dog Banjo. I don’t need a “Kardashian” last name or be a damn housewife to be entertaining. Just show up with a camera, and you wouldn’t be able to count the money fast enough.

RR: If you could call bullshit on one trend happening right now what would it be?

OUTLAW: I aint buyin’ this whole blue & black, white & gold dress thang. That sumbitch looks YELLOOOWWW to me…

RR: Give us the tip on what Dips your hot on right now?

OUTLAW: Anything Copenhagen.Outlaw_2

RR: Is it crazy to see how much the Dip community has come around in the past couple years with video blogs?

OUTLAW: It is pretty crazy, never would I have thought somethin’ as stupid as dip would be popular! I started making videos just to kinda talk about redneck shit and all anyone ever gave a flying tit about was the dip! So I moved ahead with doing reviews and such. This past year i’ve slowed down on the whole “review” thing and now I don’t even do them at all. You’ve got to know the right moment to adapt and change with the times. I believe I did it at the right time and that’s why i’m ahead of everyone else. And that’s not to talk bad about other creators, it’s just when you’re only doin’ one thing, i’m out doin’ ten. That’s why you’ve seen me doin’ more music, and trust me when I tell you… Backwoods Badass was just the start! We’ve got some crazy shit brewin’ and I can’t wait to share it with all the mother truckers out there! KEEP IT FRIKIN’ HILLBILLY!- Outlaw