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Is #Redneck a racial slur?

by / Sunday, 22 June 2014 / Published in EDITOR PICKS, REBEL NEWS

 Is calling someone a ‘redneck’ a racial slur?

02_featuredstar_03According to some of these guys it is.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — A Jefferson County official on Wednesday called three Republicans on the County Commission a “bunch of rednecks.

Redneck is not a racial slur until someone who thinks it is, tries to use it like one. …and even then, it’s a stretch to consider the idea of a hard workin’ sun beaten beaten farmer from the South as a bad thing. There are many jobs that are degrading and reduces a persons pride, and being a farmer feeding his/her family and the people around them is not one of them.

By 1900, “rednecks” was in common use to designate the political factions inside the Democratic Party comprising poor white farmers in the South.[11] The same group was also often called the “wool hat boys” (for they opposed the rich men, who wore expensive silk hats). -Wikipedia

At worst, calling someone a redneck, is calling someone ‘poor’.  The truth is, if being poor nowadays is all that is wrong you are doing pretty good. So, no ‘redneck’ is not a racial slur. It’s a description of the times, and the plight that many of us are going through, especially in recent times.

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