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Jawga Boyz Need Jacked-up Trucks For Music Video Shoot

by / Tuesday, 19 May 2015 / Published in REBEL NEWS


Jawga Boyz have announced on Facebook they need some bitching trucks for the new music video shoot via the following Facebook Post:

Jawga Boyz
Musician/Band · 327,573 Likes · May 13 at 5:54pm ·
If you live in the southeast, or are willing to travel to Georgia on your own expenses, to get your jacked up, lifted, customized truck/jeep, or military vehicle in the next music video filmed by D. Thrash Productions…. featuring Jawga Boyz, and our label mates BoonDock Kingz, Dez Music, Teacher Preacher, Handz Onn, MTVBluefoot, Porch Matthews, and more… then email us a picture of your ride to …..please do not send pictures of stock trucks… we’re looking for rides that are sitting on 37’s or bigger… if we pick your truck/jeep to be in the video, we’ll send you additional info, on when and where the video shoot will be, because it’ll be a closed set not open to the public. We can only accept 10-15 trucks for this video, so if you’ve submitted a picture, but didn’t get picked… we may still reach out later this year, for future video shoots. It’s always been important for us, to get our very own badass fans involved with our music videos if we can…. good luck y’all!!!! ….and don’t forget…. if you don’t get a reply this time… and your ride is a BOSS! ….we will keep you on file for future videos! Yeeeeeeaaaaaah buddy!!!