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Jelly Roll “The Whiskey Sessions” Album Review

by / Tuesday, 23 June 2015 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW


Jelly Roll

“The Whiskey Sessions”

Review By: Ronald Greer

Tennessee Native Jason DeFord better known as every ones favorite fat man Jelly Roll. Being 6 ft 1” and covered in tattoos some would think Jelly Roll was a hardcore thug or an escaped prisoner from a Maximum Security Prison. The Whiskey Sessions Ep Jelly Roll really shows his wide range of talent. The Whiskey Sessions EP album has a Nirvana unplugged vibe , this is a bold move for Jelly Roll. Whiskey Sessions Ep strips down all the big production and let’s Jelly Roll bare his talent in the rawest form, in the Whiskey Sessions EP you can feel a more Hick-Hop vibe. This is the first time an EP has united two labels Capitol Records which is a major recording label that has produced a lot of great bands and not so big label like Jingle Punks Publishing company and with this merged something beautiful . The 5 track Whiskey Sessions EP has explicit lyrics so it has a parental advisory .

“Whiskey Sessions” features a full live band first track is “Bad News Travels Fast” it has a southern bluesy rock feeling then in comes Jelly Roll raping about him being bad news , here is a little bit of the first verse , something different I had to fat dude with tattoos , Johnny Cash black jeans and black shoes man in black he sing and he raps to, Then he starts raping about himself to be the bad news that travels fast . Track two “When I Get Rich” starts out, “When I get rich I’m still act broke. Wake up and put on yesterday’s clothes and bum me a smoke. If I get rich I’m still act broke.” Third track “Yippie Ki Yay” is like an ultimate party song for is southern folks, “Sunday Morning” is a song all weekend party animals can relate to if you ever woke up hung over as fuck on a Sunday morning an said I’ll never drink again, but when the weekend gets here you can sure bet you’ll be drinking again. “Where Do All The Bad Guys Go” is a bluesy track where Jelly talks about himself and where he’s from. Whiskey Sessions EP is just 17-minutes long, but like rap, country and hip-hop all blended together into one cup!! Get it on I-tunes or Spotify.