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Johnny Richter “FreeKING Out” [Album Review]

by / Thursday, 03 July 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW


Johnny Richter

“FreeKING Out”

Review By: Amber Bruno

01_featuredstar_03 Former member of the underground hip-hop band Kottonmouth Kings left the group to focus on his solo career.  Richter kept momentum with his fan base with the release of his “FreeKING Out” EP via Suburban Noize Records.  He stood out as an MC in KMK for over 15 years and continues to stand strong as a solo artist.

The “FreeKING Out” EP was recorded at DJ Mugg’s MGS Sound Lab Studios. Produced by Soul Assassins  engineer G-Rocka, it contains complex hip-hop caliber beats.  The lyrics flow organically and express deep emotions that you can feel in all five tracks.  The entire EP tells a story about events in his life leading up to him leaving KMK, which makes it easy to listen to the album from top to bottom.
Richter spits fire in a fun, creative way on this project. The first track “FreeKING Out” goes hard. Verses describe his decision to take control of his career. “Richter’s Back” makes you want to bob your head to the beat while the lyrics convey the message that continuing to create music is his passion. “Let Me Win” featuring independent vocalist Mina Fedora, who adds flavor to the hook, has a slower simplicity that works well on this record.  “Won’t Break” has a hard trap beat that allows Richter to showcase his resiliency. In “Talk About It” featuring Mina Fedora, his rhymes are on point as he flows fiercely explaining his experience in the music industry.

Richter just completed a successful tour pushing the EP, released the “FreeKING Out” track music video, and has the freedom to work on new material. His future looks bright consisting of more solo projects, collaborations with other artists, videos, and tour dates.  Richter is sure to continue to receive positive feedback and deliver positive vibes in the name of hip-hop.