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Josh ‘Pruno’ Gamble Interviewed By Merced Sun-Star About New Album “Trailer on Tanner Road” (@JGamblePruno @MoonshineBandit)

by / Friday, 29 August 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS

Josh “Pruno” Gamble spoke to the Merced Sun-Star recently about his new album, “Trailer on Tanner Road”.  “Trailer on Tanner Road” can be pre-ordered at and is scheduled for a September 11th release date through MSB Entertainment. Here is a copy of the transcript:

If an emcee’s name is a reflection of the music he makes, Pruno might just say it all.

The rough and rugged outlaw country sounds of Josh Gamble could be compared to the prison wine that gives him his rap name: It’s raw. It’s made of improvised ingredients. And, sometimes, it’s hard to swallow.

“A lot of people know me because my flows are fast and I hit like a Magnum when it comes to freestyle,” he said.

Pruno, 34, recently officially joined Shiner Nation, the loyal fan base of Los Banos’ own Moonshine Bandits. He inked a record deal two months ago with the group’s MSB Entertainment, the new record label from the purveyors of outlaw rap.

“They’re doing really big things,” he said. “For them to give me a shot, I’m honored. I’m so pumped, it’s ridiculous.”

A product of Los Banos as well, Pruno is no stranger to Shiner Nation. He’s made guest appearances on a few Bandits tracks, like “Dive Bar Beauty Queen” and “Whiskey in My Soul.”

His new album, titled “Trailer on Tanner Road,” is a reference to the Los Banos trailer he was raised in by his grandparents. His parents weren’t around, he said, because they were wrestling with their own demons.

His life changed, he said, when he bought his first cassette – 1986’s “License to Ill,” by the Beastie Boys. Soon, he found himself winning $5 here and there in freestyle rap competitions on the playground at school.

Pruno’s sound is inspired by the Beastie Boys, as well as artists like Johnny Cash, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Eagles.

As a teen, he made his way to Merced, where he started to get into trouble. It began with alcohol and marijuana use, he said, and he eventually graduated to selling whatever drugs he could get his hands on. “I was hanging around the wrong crowd and doing the wrong thing, you know what I mean – selling drugs,” he said. “I was just really living the wrong way.”

Pruno was shipped down to Southern California for a three-year stint in prison. Living the wrong way had caught up with him, he said.

The consequences of his lifestyle hit home, he said, the first night the cell door slammed. “I decided over those three years that it was time to change,” he said. “I was living a life cycle that had been in my family for decades.”

After paying his debt to society, he said, he made a choice to produce music that’s positive. However, he’s quick to say his music isn’t about lollipops and rainbows. The father of two said his tracks are about partying and having a good time, but they include a message about being responsible.

“(It’s) about working 9 to 5, paying your bills, being responsible – not becoming another street statistic,” he said.

Pruno is also set to open for the Moonshine Bandits at 10 p.m. Saturday at X-Fest in downtown Modesto.

“Trailer on Tanner Road” will be out Sept. 11. It’ll be available on iTunes and other digital platforms.

Pruno will also perform at his album release party at 9 p.m. Sept. 20 at Cozy Corner Tavern, 5021 Lincoln Blvd., Livingston.