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Lenny Cooper Tells The Boot “I’m just out there working as hard as I can grinding it” (@LennyCooper44)

by / Tuesday, 26 August 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS


Lenny Cooper recently sat down with The Boot to discuss his new album “The Grind” which drops in stores later this week via Average Joe’s. In the interview Lenny talks about the new direction of the album and said, “”The past records are all about mud, and having that mud life type scene, and I kinda wanted to change it a little bit, but still not drift away from the mud too much. I didn’t want to confuse fans.”

Lenny also talked about the inspiration for the title to his new album and commented, “I’m just out there working as hard as I can, so I’m just pretty much out there grinding it, is how I put it. And I was just like, “What better way to name this album? We’ll just call it ‘The Grind.’” It just works perfect.”

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