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Lenny Cooper “The Grind” [Album Review] (@LennyCooper44 @AverageJoesEnt)

by / Tuesday, 28 October 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW


Lenny Cooper

“The Grind”

Average Joe’s Entertainment
Review By: Chris Walls (C-Hubb)

Lenny Cooper is a steadily up-and-coming Country Rap (also known as Hick Hop) artist hailing from South Carolina and is currently representing Nashville-based independent label Average Joes Entertainment. If you have made it this far without hearing any of his music, it’s definitely time to pick up Lenny’s third studio album ‘The Grind.’ Lenny’s fans have titled him the ‘Mud Digger King,’ which is fitting to how Cooper gives listeners a first-hand account into the energy and excitement one can only experience by tearing through a neck-deep mud-hole in a jacked up four-wheel drive truck. This album tells the tale of a good ole boy’s lifestyle. Don’t get it twisted however; this country boy can spit with the best of them.

‘The Grind’ comes in strong with ‘Intro,’ which addresses the stigma attached to Lenny’s genre of Country Rap. His line stating, “we ain’t rapping ‘cause we country; we ain’t country ‘cause we rapping” is a sarcastic use of the critique many artists in his genre hear on a regular basis. Lenny compares how the Outlaws, before redefining Country Music, faced a similar situation as himself. With that said, Lenny continues to do exactly what he has set out to do throughout this album, which is mixing both the Rap and Country genres in a way listeners can’t ignore. Tracks such as ‘Duramax,’ ‘She’s so Country,’ and ‘Higher’ are very straight forward rap-style tracks carried by double-time high hats, strong 808s, and snappy snare/clap combos. A twist put on the production of these rap records is the use of typical country instruments, such as the banjo and lap-steel guitar, which gives these tracks a truly unique sound. This isn’t just a rap album, though. ‘The Grind’ also displays several big-country style hits such as ‘Life in the Pines,’ ‘Same Ole Dust,’ and ‘Redneck Country Song.’ The utilization of live drums/instruments gives the production on these tracks a very different feel than some of the hard-hitting rap on this album. Executive Producer Shannon Houchins has successfully created a diverse array of beats to assist Lenny in consistently delivering his message throughout all 12 tracks of ‘The Grind.’

This album has something to offer for fans of Country and/or Rap, as well as someone simply trying to find a new sound to jam on the weekend. With features from up-and-coming artists Young Gunner, Demun Jones, Cap Bailey, Sarah Ross, Tyler Wood, and Cypress Springs, to more well-known artists Bubba Sparxxx, Colt Ford, and Bucky Covington, this album has a lot going on in the right direction. Go pick up ‘The Grind!’ And while you’re at it check out Lenny’s video for ‘Lights On’ in the link below.