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Michael Bradford Releases New Solo Album Featuring BIG B

by / Friday, 30 May 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS


Varèse Sarabande Records will release Michael Bradford’s debut solo record, The Long Night available digitally and on CD May 27, 2014. The features Big B, Ko Kapches, a street poet from Toronto,Samantha Stollenwerck, and EDM singer Liz Primo.

Writer/Producer/Musician Bradford has written for and performed with a wide range of artists, including Eurythmics, Kid Rock, Jem, Stevie Nicks, Deep Purple, and Ringo Starr.

The themes of The Long Night are all influenced by the night. “We are all faced with difficult circumstances. It seems like our biggest challenges confront us in the wee small hours. If we can hang in there until morning, we won’t go to that dark place,” said Bradford. “All physicists tell us that time only moves in one direction, and that direction is forward. That’s a real existential problem, since it means we can reflect on our mistakes, but we can never fix them.”

Michael Bradford was born and raised in Detroit. Now based in Los Angeles, Michael works out of his own studio, Chunky Style Music, as well as traveling to major studios around the world. Although known for rock albums, Michael has worked with artists from all ends of the musical spectrum, including Loretta Lynn, Anita Baker, Kid Rock, Butthole Surfers, Dave Stewart and Jem.

Starting out in Detroit Bradford began playing with local bands, eventually working at many of the cities recording studios. While at Ambience Recordings, Bradford developed the love for working behind the scenes. He met jazz guitarist Earl Klugh, who would tutor him in composition. After earning a producing credit on Anita Baker’s Rhythm of Love album, many doors would open and he would walk through one that would take him to Los Angeles.

A job as a programmer and engineer with legendary arranger Paul Buckmaster led to an introduction to Gregg Alexander, whose band (New Radicals) had just been signed to MCA Records. Michael was hired to be an engineer for the album, specializing in editing the dense and complex tracks in order to yield a cohesive set of songs that sounded live and spontaneous. Through New Radicals producer Rick Nowels, Michael would create electronica-inspired drum loops and beats, which were used as building blocks for songwriting sessions that would eventually end up as songs on Madonna’s Ray of Light album. Two other Michigan natives would play important parts in Bradford’s career, including Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker.

Bradford, who performs all of the instruments for The Long Night, turned to some of his musical friends to help with vocals on many of the tracks, including collaborator Jem.

“Jem and I have known each other for many years. No one was happier than I was to see her become a success!” said Bradford. “We started ‘It’s Happening’ about 13 years ago, just as a music track. We returned to this track for the album and Jem graced it with one of the most meaningful and inspiring lyrics I’ve heard in a long time.” Also on the album are Ko Kapches, a street poet from Toronto, rapper Big B, Samantha Stollenwerck, and EDM singer Liz Primo.

Varèse Sarabande Records presents Michael Bradford The Long Night, available digitally and CD May 27, 2014.