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Moccasin Creek “Belt Buckles and Brass Knuckles” [Album Review]

by / Monday, 16 June 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS, REVIEW

Moccasin Creek
“Belt Buckles and Brass Knuckles”
Label: Creek Entertainment
Review by: Ed Lieber

largestar_03“Belt Buckles and Brass Knuckles” by Moccasin Creek proclaims loud and clear that the fusion of country rock and hip hop is here to stay.

Moccasin Creek, which seemingly rose from nowhere to drop three albums in under two years and even a few EPs, has deployed this burgeoning genre’s heat to melt into its mix a range of influences from more traditional rock genres, from the bluesy beat of classic country rock bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd to the shrieking guitar solos and thunderous beats of the heaviest of metal and anthem bands, including Megadeth.

In fact Megadeth axeman Chris Poland plays a guest guitar solo on “Belt Buckles And Brass Knuckles”—on one of the album’s heaviest tracks, “Only Warning.” Moccasin Creek, on previous albums, incorporated guest appearances from Glen Alvelais (from Testament and Forbidden) and Tom Klimchuck (from Pro-Pain).

Moccasin Creek traces its roots back to the summer of 2010, when vocalist Jeff ‘Brahma Bull’ McCool dropped in to check out the Tennessee music scene. McCool eventually ran into Charlie Bonnet III who was playing guitar for a local rock band and an “instant chemistry was found,” as they say.

Aside from the driving varying beat, Moccasin Creek uses hip hop’s storied history of loud clear lyrics to inject a dose of fearlessness into the scene. In today’s sensitive culture of the politically correct, these two rockers are not afraid to actually use their lyrics to not only say what they think and how they feel, but to also revel in it. Consider, for example, the mere titles of two of the tracks on “Belt Buckles and Brass Knuckles”: “White Trash Fabulous” and “Redneck in the White House.” If that doesn’t speak to the honesty of these refreshingly unabashed hip-hop country rockers, I don’t know what will.