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Moccasin Creek’s Daphne Mitchell Releases “Dirt Road Diaries” Video Part 4

by / Monday, 06 July 2015 / Published in REBEL NEWS


Moccasin Creek’s Daphne Mitchell is out on the road killing it and documenting all the crazyness that comes with being on the road as a touring band. In this episode Brahma Bull discusses chewing off his arm to get away from an ugly woman, Daphne shows fans what is contained inside their passenger van, and the backseat gets used for a green room.

We said it once before, but Daphne Mitchell is really one of the oil that runs through the engine that is Moccasin Creek. She’s out there on the road with the guys every day and making the machine run from managing the crew members, to selling merch, and even driving the bus. Daphne offers fans a glimpse at what life is like on the road and everything that happens. Check out Part 4 after the jump.