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Moonshine Bandits “Lady Luck” featuring Crucifix (Full Song)

by / Thursday, 09 April 2015 / Published in REBEL NEWS

Moonshine Bandits - Lady Luck

We posted the video snippet of the Moonshine Bandits new single “Lady Luck” featuring Crucifix the other day, but they only teased us with 30 seconds. Now we’ve finally got the full audio goodness here for your listening pleasure. I’ve been a huge fan of the Moonshine Bandits for years, and one thing you can always count on is that they will reinvent their sound with each and every album. This track shows the group’s versatility and how they are destined for massive success. If this track doesn’t break them through into the mainstream then there is something wrong. Remember the Moonshine Bandits didn’t change a damn thing to go mainstream; the mainstream finally went Shiner! The Bandits New CD “Blacked Out” coming Summer 2015. This is match made in heaven and we’re dying to hear more. Check it out after the jump.