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@MoonshineBandit – #CaliCountry [review]

by / Friday, 16 May 2014 / Published in ARTISTS, EDITOR PICKS, FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW

moonshinebanditsreviewMoonshine Bandits


Average Joe’s Entertainment/Suburban Noize


star_03The Moonshine Bandits have done it again! Their latest release, “CaliCountry”, takes these guys to the next level (and beyond)! Anyone who has followed their career from the beginning will love this evolution into their next phase. For a band that has made their mark by promoting the laid back lifestyle of being “CaliCountry,” has done work to Support the Troops, has started their own brand of Outlaw Moonshine liquor, and has toured the country and shared the stage with many other hard-hitters of the underground music scene, Moonshine Bandits do not show any signs of slowing down or going away. In fact, this album shows a refined direction to their sound, which has always been Country, Southern Rock, and Hip-Hop fusion, but now it has matured into a signature sound that is sure to garner followers and copy-cats in their wake. “CaliCountry” includes guest features from past favorites such as Colt Ford, Danny Boone, and Suburban Noize label mate Big B, ensuring this album is will be a mega hit with both their long-standing fans and new fans alike! With a 15 track album, this reviewer certainly didn’t see any reason to want to skip tracks. This album is all substance, no filler! In fact, it’s chock full of head-bobbing, foot-stomping, hand-clapping, booty moving tracks that could easily cross genre lines and getting everyone in the bar in a great mood regardless of age, gender, or location!

“Raise Some Hell” is sure to be the party anthem this summer as folks across the country enjoy their favorite outdoor activities, brews, and booze. “I’m down right now to get whiskey bent and hell bound!” With lyrics like that, who couldn’t agree?

“California Country” is definitely a favorite track! It evokes memories of summers past, and then immediately makes a person excited for the summer to come! “Lake in the woods and the water feels fine, girls on the deck with no tan lines, bonfire lit on them summer nights, that’s California Country!”

But this reviewer feels those sneak peeks at the album are all that should be shared. This album is one you don’t want to sleep on, so instead of trying to read and hear all you can about the album, just BUY IT already! You’ll be glad you did!

By Shelly “DJ SILKEE” Berry