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Nashville Dirt – Rumors Heard Around Nashville about Brantley Gilbert, Aaron Lewis, Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Farr

by / Wednesday, 16 July 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS


Nashville Dirt – Rumors Heard Around Nashville
By Johnny Ringo

There are always rumors around Nashville and we hear new ones every day. Here is a list of some of the hottest rumors we’ve heard around town from various sources. We cannot speak to the validity of each of these rumors, but these are some of the whispers we’ve heard.


star_03 Brantley Gilbert announced that he’ll he taking Aaron Lewis out on tour with him. The rumor on the street is Scott Borchetta has offered a record deal to Aaron Lewis, and adding him to BG’s tour is a precursor to a press release filled with Borchetta talking about how awesome Aaron was and how he’ll make him a success in the country format. That’s something Blaster Entertainment couldn’t do. 
star_03 Colt Ford had the #2 country album recently. What’s also not being talked about is that it was the #1 rap album. Knowing the past performers and presenters on recent country music award shows, the #1 rap album will probably do his country career more good than a #1 country album.

star_03 At the beginning of 2014 a top executive at a major label told me Florida Georgia Line had another year before the format and fans turned on them. This person was dead serious. FGLs latest single “Dirt” had the most first week adds in country Aircheck history and sold 180,000+ downloads. I think that exec may have been wrong….but that 12 months isn’t up yet!

star_03 The Garth Brooks announcement was a big one – new music and tour, folks. Garth said this about his music: “My music is not bro-country, or hick-hop, it’s Garth Brooks,” he said. “I was the guy who ‘wasn’t the Country guy’ in the ’90′s, so it feels a bit weird to be the guy who is now the older Country guy. Garth music is ever evolving and stands the test of time.” To recap, he referred to himself in third person twice. It’s worth noting that in the 90s he was also Chris Gaines.  I love Garth, but what an ego. As if anyone cares what he thinks his music is or isn’t. Just sing, asshole…. and make sure to play “Friends in Low Places.”

star_03 Tyler Farr scored his second #1 with “Whiskey in My Water”. That’s twice as many country #1’s as Billy Ray Cyrus.

star_03 Rascal Flatts canceled their show on July 10th citing  an illness that left Gary unable to sing. Of course you’re probably thinking “Gary not being able to sing never stopped them before!” which is really mean of you. You shouldn’t think things like that.