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[News Exclusive] Brahma Bull Says Moccasin Creek Are Not Breaking Up & Are Working On A New Album & EP

by / Wednesday, 18 June 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS

JeffMcCool_Album sat down with Brahma Bull from Moccasin Creek this week for an exclusive interview to talk about his new solo album “Through My Eyes”.

Brahma Bull was quick to point out that his solo album doesn’t spell the end for Moccasin Creek and that the group are already working on a new album. Here is an excerpt from the interview with Brahma Bull that will be posted on in the next week:

“I am absolutely concerned about doing a solo single now. I do see this as a big risk. But at the same time, Charlie has done four-five solo country albums. He’s even done some old metal albums too. So it’s not really a big issue if I put out something solo. It doesn’t mean that Moccasin Creek is done; not at all. But we have pulled back a little on my solo work, as we are working to make sure our fans know that Moccasin Creek is not going anywhere. In fact we’re doing another Moccasin Creek album in November and we’ll also have an EP out this fall. You see, what the general public doesn’t realize is that I’m always working, always writing. I have notebooks full of stuff. And also, with me doing the solo stuff, at the same time, Charlie is in most of my solo videos, and he fully supports what I’m doing, 100%. We may confuse some people with this, but then there are the fans I may pick up from the hip-hop base with my solo work, who’ll want to get into Moccasin Creek. It might help us by generating a larger fan base for Moccasin Creek. We’re not going to lose fans in the long run—this can only help us, it can’t hurt us. It may create some confusion, but we won’t lose fans over confusion. My solo work is my story. It’s about me. Moccasin Creek is our story.”

Check out Brahma Bull’s new video for “Leader of the Pack”