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[News Exclusive] Moonshine Bandits (@MoonshineBandit) Offer $1,000 Taste Test Challenge To Other Brands Of #Moonshine

by / Thursday, 19 June 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS


Rebel Row recently caught up with Tex from the Moonshine Bandits to talk about their new album “CaliCountry” and during the conversation, he threw down the gauntlet to other brands of Moonshine. Tex is putting his money where his mouth is and said he’s willing to put up $1,000 cold hard cash in a blind moonshine taste test. He’s that confident that the Moonshine Bandits’ “Outlaw Moonshine” is the best tasting moonshine on the market. Here is the excerpt from the interview that will run next week:

“We got our own moonshine. Now it’s statewide in California. It’s also in Georgia and New York and online. has Peach, Apple Pie or the Original flavor. You didn’t see much moonshine out here on the West Coast. We go to a lot of biker events and saw a lot of shine, so we hooked up with a distiller in Modesto and next thing you know we got our own brand in stores. There are so many now, since the TV show hit. We need to get a little better distribution to supply the demand. I’ve said if there’s any competitor out there wants to do a blindfold taste test for moonshine – we’ll put up a thousand dollars prize – you match us on the cash prize and have a third party decide who’s is better and publicize the hell out of it… see who wins. That’s how confident I am with the moonshine.”

Tim Smith and Colt Ford, do you accept the challenge? We want to see “Climax Moonshine”, “Mr. Goodtime Moonshine” and “Outlaw Moonshine” in a taste test.