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Rebel Row’s Top 10 Videos Of 2014 (@mrkingalexander @TheRealBigSmo @JellyRoll615 @jawgaboyz @demunjones @moonshinebandit)

by / Thursday, 18 December 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW


As we look back on 2014, Hick-Hop really made its way into the mainstream as country rap continued to break new ground. Artists like Big Smo took the scene into the homes of millions of people each and every week on his A&E TV series, while artists like Redneck Souljers and Jelly Roll proved that country boys can rap.


There were a number of killer music videos that were dropped in 2014, and Rebel Row was there to sound the alarm when we found on that deserved your attention. To make a great video you have to have the perfect mix of good music and strong visuals, and there were a number of artists that got it right. Here is a list of the best music videos of 2014:



Alexander King – “Southern Fried” 


In his new video for “Southern Fried” featuring Laura Reed & Kenny Olson from Kid Rock’s Twisted Brown Trucker band, Alexander King really showed us his strengths as a songwriter and performer. This song takes Alexander’s smokey southern flow and combines it with some angelic female vocals that immediately sends a tingle down your spine. The visuals match the intensity of the song to show what life is like in the South and how Alexander is putting in the work to take his sound to the next level.


Jelly Roll Release “Yippie Ki Yay”


Jelly Roll had a breakout year with all the time he spent on the road doing shows and converting new fans to the movement on ICP’s Shockfest Tour. “Yippie Ki Yay” perfectly captured all of the elements of Jelly Roll’s sound with the a redneck party that we’ve come to expect from the hick-hop heavyweight. Jelly Roll’s raw and raspy rhymes are the perfect soundtrack for a redneck party and it shows when you watch this video.


Demun Jones – “Lake House”


Demun Jones is another artist that had a breakout year in 2014. His debut solo album “Jones County” was simply one of the best albums of the year and showed that Demun doesn’t need his Rehab cohorts to produce some damn good music. There were a number of explosive tracks off the album could make great videos, but “Lake House” showed Demun’s versatility and can resonate with any music lover because it’s hella intoxicating.


Big Smo – “Workin” feat Alexander King 


Nobody had a bigger year than Big Smo and his video for “Workin” showed that he wasn’t sitting around letting success go to his head. The song was an anthem for the blue collar working class and the video perfectly captured Big Smo’s grinding perseverance. 2014 was definitely the year that Big Smo was crowned the king of hick-hop and this video is just one of the reasons why.


Moonshine Bandits – “We All Country” ft. Colt Ford, Sarah Ross, Demun Jones


The Moonshine Bandits brought all the heaviest hitters in hick-hop together to create one banger and “We All Country” shows all the giants spitting fire. While the scene continues to grow, the Moonshine Bandits are really waving the flag for the Cali Country sound and bringing a West Coast flavor to the scene.


Mikel Knight “Last Night in Texas”


Mikel Knight has been taking the hustle of Tech N9ne and applying it to the scene with a country swagger. On “Last Night in Texas” Mikel has all the ingredients needed to make a smash song. The video for the track plays out like a blockbuster action movie that adds a unique visual experience that brings together the whole package.


Sarah Ross – “Shotgun”


She’s got the looks that kill, but she’s also a beast on the mic. Sarah Ross is the complete package, she can sing, she can can rap, and she writes some bangin’ tunes. The look and feel of this video sets the perfect backdrop for Sarah Ross to spit some venomous rhymes and angelic melodies. Sarah Ross is one of the most underrated artists in the scene and watching this video will wake you up as she points a gun aimed right at your ear drums.


Danny Boone – “Camo Bikini”


Danny Boone is a fucking genius and the guy should be a millionaire because everything he writes sounds like a smash hit. Even though his debut solo album “Fish Grease” is filled with bangin’ tracks, Danny crafted the perfect visuals to capture how hot Southern women are on “Camo Bikini”. Who could resist a video full of hot bikini women mixed with Danny Boone’s southern blend?


Redneck Souljers – “Down This Road”


Redneck Souljers music has the impact of a shotgun blast, but for “Down This Road” the group slows things down and spills their heart out into a song. This track in particular has more hooks than a tackle box, and shows Redneck Souljers versatility, as well as the fact that they are songwriters that just happen to rap. Ed Pryor crafts a stunning visual to Redneck Souljers most powerful ballad. The video depicts a group of females brokering a deal for moonshine that ends with the girls turning femme Fatale on the buyer and sticking a shotgun in his face.



Jawga Boyz – “Ridin In This Rig” feat. DEZ 

A number of artists have tried to capture the look and feel of mud bogs, but Jawga Boyz really showed everyone how it really is with “Ridin In This Rig”. Watching this video you can smell the shine, dip, and feel the mud on your boots as they transplant you right into the heart of the action and then clober you over the with some rapid fire rhymes.


Lenny Cooper – “Lights On”

Lenny Cooper captures the look and feel of a Saturday night in Nashville in this video “Lights On”. This is the anthem for closing the bar on any given weekend and that’s why it’s one of the best of 2014.