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Redneck Souljers (@RedneckSouljers) “Tiller Gang” [Album Review]

by / Monday, 07 July 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS, REVIEW


02_featuredRedneck Souljers

“Tiller Gang”

Review By: Jesse James

star_03One of the biggest criticisms that has been brought on the country rap scene is the enormous gap between artists that spend time perfecting their craft and appreciating the art form of hip-hop, and the lazy acts that just words together to create party tracks. Redneck Souljers have spent their time in the trenches harnessing their lyrics into a lethal weapon. Fatt Tarr & C-Hubb have one of the sickest flows in the entire country rap scene, and on their latest full length “Tiller Gang” they are full-on flexing their skills for the world to see.

The album opens with an explosive banger in the form of “I Mow, I Till” and it ropes listeners into the redneck chaos immediately. “Down This Road” slows things down for a minute and drops some introspective wisdom on listeners eardrums. This track in particular has more hooks than a tackle box, and shows Redneck Souljers versatility, as well as the fact that they are songwriters that just happen to rap. Ed Pryor handles the production on the album and elevates the music to another level. Many artists undervalue what a good producer can bring to the table, and Pryor makes this album pop off like a shotgun shell.

01_featuredEven though the track isn’t on the album, nowhere is Redneck Souljers appreciation for hip-hop more apparent then in their cover of Wiz Khalifa’s “Taylor Gang”, which they affectionately renamed “Tiller Gang”. The guys take the original track and respectfully recreate it as an anthem for the south that waves the flag for the farming, fishing, hunting way of life.

Redneck Souljers take the moter mouth attack of an artist like Machine Gun Kelly and combine it with the songwriting skills of an artist like Bubba Sparxxx or the country swagger that REHAB exhibited.

Redneck Souljers are crafting some of the most infectious country rap that has been unleashed in quite some time. If you haven’t heard of Redneck Souljers before today then you need to wake up, because you’re sleeping on one of the best acts stalking the country rap scene waiting for their moment to attack. These guys are the next big thing and once you pop “Tiller Gang” into your CD player it won’t leave.