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Danny Boone “Fish Grease” [Album Review]

by / Wednesday, 11 June 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS, REVIEW

Danny Boone “Fish Grease” Review by Miss Rainey Dae

Release Date: 6/10/14

star_03 ‘Oh Danny Boone makes me swoon’DANNY BOONE

Honestly, it’s actually really difficult to review an album that you’re excited about. You’re already a fan. You already know that it’s going to be composed of pure goldenness. And you already know that without listening to it the review is probably- ok is totally biased. But that’s what happens with a musical stud such as Danny Boone. The proof is in his work, in his history of music making.
For those that just moved to here from Mars and haven’t a clue who DB is let me light up your life quickly. He is the former frontman of the band Rehab that released the catchiest song of 2008 “Sittin at a Bar” affectionately nicknamed “The Bartender Song”. It unfairly peaked at only #64 on the Billboard top 100. But it’s a true #1 in my heart and guaranteed you’ve heard it and love it! Anyhow, this review is for his debut solo album “Fish Grease”

I’m impressed with this album for many reasons. Danny stayed true to his roots, true to his style but also true to how creative he is by taking a sliver of every music genre and intertwining them to make sense of what has never musically made sense before… He’s a master at song writing and this album reflects just that. I can not explain how the fusion between Southern Rock, Twang, Rap, Old Country, New Country and Dance music is done so effortlessly or what listeners it should be geared towards but Danny has done it!

Favorites are as follows: “Raise a toast” because why? Because raise your glass people that’s why! “Camo Bikini” This one is obviously endearing to the ladies and is a pretty sexy tune at that. “Fish Grease” Fast and spicy song. “Don’t Take the Whiskey From Me” My personal favorite on this album. It’s southern it’s sultry and I can’t get enough of it!

I’m proud to be a fan. Cheers Danny on an amazing first solo project.