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[review] Anthony Cumia SHOW vs. Sirius XM @AnthonyCumia

by / Thursday, 07 August 2014 / Published in EDITOR PICKS, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW, VIDEO

Anthony Cumia SHOW ‘The Future Of Media’

star_03Anthony Cumia, the comedian, musician, and impressionist half of the hugely popular ‘Opie and Anthony Show‘, has launched his own show this week.  July was filled with news that Anthony was fired from Sirius XM when he ranted on twitter about being assaulted by a woman in Time Square.  If you did not hear the details this is the story on his firing.

Anthony has taken his firing and detractors in stride, and he refuses to apologize for ‘crude’ tweets about the woman that repeatedly punched his face.   ..rather than roll over, Anthony fought back and launched his own completely uncensored show without the meddling of management and the corporation.  The new show called the ‘Anthony Cumia Show’.  It is based loosely on his Live From the Compound show and now we are about to see how Anthony would launch his campaign to take the fight back to the air.

We loved the Opie and Anthony show, so we could not help but immediately subscribe to the Anthony Cumia show.
Monthly subs are $6.95, Six Months are $32.95 and a yearly sub is %59.95, considering that XM is around $14.99 a month, the price for Anthony’s show although not completely free, seems to be towards reasonable for the average person who really loves the old On’A show. Frankly we did not care how much it was, it would be worth more to hear the end of the story and watch how things play out from a front row seat.

Moving on to the review.  Not going to lie, admittedly it would have been highly entertaining to witness a complete crash and burn of the show’s server on launch.  It seems to be the trend of large launches nowadays.  The complete inverse was true.  We were pleasantly greeted with a professionally produced piece with zero stuttering, great HQ video, and quality audio.   The broadcast itself was as high quality as any available online.  ..basically, it looked like the Anthony Cumia show was being broadcast from CNN.

The first show started without a hitch  and it was clear this ex-Radio guy was about to trump an entire industry with a ‘visual’ element.  It was well known that Anthony lamented the fact that Sirius XM would not incorporate a ‘visual element’ for the Opie and Anthony show.  We took note as the viewers of the live broadcast appeared to crack the 10,000 mark (editors note: this is not the total subscriber number.  This is what we witnessed in the live broadcast room around 1pm PST on the first day of the show).  With some basic math, and considering that the actual sub number must be much higher than those that could make it on the opening moments, everyone quickly realized that the show is likely very financially sustainable.

The first show was Anthony telling ‘his side’ of the story.  The flow of the show was clean and entertaining.  Anthony picked up the mic apparently without missing a beat.  With much relief, we found out this was the same Ant we knew and loved from the Opie and Anthony show.  Within the first hour of the first show it was plainly clear he does not need Sirius XM to be a radio host anymore.  Anthony is now the host of his own extremely popular show, and now he is not being managed into a vision for what is ‘good’ according to management or lawyers.


The second show featured comedy star Andrew Dice Clay poolside with two bikini clad vixens.  Dice kills the show, and in a twist we got to meet Dice’s son.  Dice was himself, and Anthony riffed on everything you would expect and a bit more.


The best moment of the show ‘so far’ delivers proof the show is truly uncensored.  In a moment that the aging industry would have called ‘radio gold’, mid show on 8/7, Jay Mohr accidentally gave out the hotline number when he said “How long did it take to get that cool xxx-xxxx number.  The ensuing hour long phone interview was a persistent plague of hundreds of ‘call waiting’ beeps.

A snippit from the chat room during the flub:

tostito: he just gave out the hotline #
Chris817: haha
tostito: what a dummy
Voods: Bahahahahaha
tostito: haha
Chris817: wonder how many calls its going to get


The show is only a few days old, and we have seen several shooting locations each with more alcohol than the last.  We have yet to see a main stream show pull off such a seamless integration between internet, audio and video.  It is clear this is the future of ‘radio’, and it is doubly clear that the chaff sitting in managerial positions should be shitting their pants as one man has handed them their asses with a show that is essentially broadcasted out of a basement and took only a few weeks to get rolling.

We are fans, the show is great and we recommend trying out a month sub to check it out yourselves.

You can catch the show at


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