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Ronnie Shirley “Lick Life” [Album Review]

by / Tuesday, 22 July 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW


Ronnie Shirley

“Lick Life”

Review By: Miss Rainey Dae


Look what our favorite Repo family from Lizard Lick Towing have to share with all of their fans!!! Main man Ronnie Shirley has explored his musical side and poured his juicy southern heart in a four-song EP! His style most definitely slides right into the Hick-Hop genre of which you’re aware is the heart of Rebel Row.

Loyal and new fans will surely enjoy “Lick Life”, as it’s Ronnie’s personal summary of his beautiful life in the south! The production work on the album is handled by Phivestar Productions and Dee Jay Silver, who helps to elevate Ronnie’s sound to a whole new level. The beats explode out of the speakers and keeps thumpin’ inside head hours after the music stops. Silver proves why he is one of the best DJs on the scene with his work on this album, and Phivestar help create the sonic playground to unleash Ronnie Shirley’s slick southern rhymes.

“She’s Good” featuring Locash Cowboys is a vivid description of a strong southern woman. It’s real talk about the many ways the ladies of the south are lookin’ good, handling business and making it seem easy! I’m a trillion percent positive that Ronnie’s gorgeous firecracker of a wife Amy, was the deep inspiration for this song! Locash Cowboys add the perfect touches and bring it together. Meanwhile on “Drop that Boom”, Ronnie has a smooth flow and he cuts it up with good beats so the boom isn’t the only thing dropping.

“Full Draw” featuring Charlie Farley & Marty Ray is a song about the hunt now. Ronnie descriptively brings you into his world of hunting. It’s a sport that supports a lifestyle for his family and friends. His camouflage gear is threaded with love and an honor to provide for his family doing something he loves. He’s turned it into a track that is on hit!

The song “Stay True” featuring Kyle Cook, is enough of a title to make you want to listen. If you’ve ever watched Lizard Lick then you comprehend the type of father, husband, boss, and friend our boy Ronnie is. With this song he shares all of that with us. A testimony of love, faith, American Pride and every other tiny positive detail of beautiful life. You are in complete control of the life you live, how hard you work and how much you love. Ronnie reminds us of that and sends the message out that staying true is paramount to achieve it.

Ronnie we’re impressed and enthusiastic about the music! We anticipate much more out of you in the future! Check out the “Lick Life” album Rebel Row family, as Ronnie Shirley is a rising star in the country rap scene, and with an impressive debut like this we can only speculate how good a full-length album is gonna be.