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#ROWgirl – Jessie Lee (@omgitsjessielee) from (@BurningAngel)

by / Wednesday, 06 August 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, ROW GIRL

Beautiful ROWgirl – Jessie Lee

RowGirlPinup_01Rebel Row: What song is on your iPod right now and why?

Jessie Lee: Defeater – Bastards

RR: Tell us about your first tattoo experience…

JL: I was 16, and got a little butterfly on my shoulder while in Canada. I got it covered about 6 years ago (haha).

RR: Tell us a bit about the tattoos that you have (or your favorite tattoos) and what they mean to you.

JL: I have around 80 or so tattoos. I keep trying to count, but lose count after about 50 haha. I have quite a few favorites. Both of my thigh tattoos, both sides of my neck, both feet, and both hands. They don’t really have any stories behind them. I just like how they look.

RR: What advice do you have for choosing tattoos if you’re unsure of what to get?

JL: Grow some balls. You can always get it covered if your unhappy down the road. Although, you should NEVER get tribal.

RR: Are you into cars at all? If so, what do you currently drive?

JL: I drive a 2013 Mazda 3. My car before this one was a 2009 BMW 328i with a hard top convertible. I just like beautiful cars.

RR: If you could buy any car what would you buy?

JL: I would get another 328i. Love that car!

RR: How did you get started in porn? What lead to the decision to get boned on film?

JL: I applied to film, and they filmed me. Pretty simple haha.

RR: Where can we find you on twitter or any other social media?

JL: Twitter – @omgitsjessielee and Instagram – @jessiexlee