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ROWgirl – Kat Pyburn (@kattpyburn) aka “Girl Next Door”

by / Monday, 21 July 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, ROW GIRL

ROWgirl – Kat Pyburn

All Photos by RebelRow photographer – Eric Beffa Photography

Rebel Row: Introduce yourself and tell readers a bit about why you make the perfect Rebel…


Hi everybody my name is Kat and I’m from what we call the Green V, Central Valley California! I have always had a rebel spirit!. I will always stand up for what is right. Its the only way to do things. I walk my own path and I have never conformed to what “they” say I should do or be! 

RR: You’ve professed your love for country rap and outlaw country music. Tell us a bit about what turned you onto this style and what your musical tastes are?

Even thought I was born and raised here in California I grew up listening to country music with a southern sound. Everything we did as a family be it fishing, rock crawling , riding down the road or cleaning the house we listened to what we thought of as “outlaw music”.  Some of my favorites are Moonshine Bandits, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Hank Jr. I am really loving what I’m hearing these days as well from artists such as Colt Ford, The Lacs & Big Smo is awesome!!! 

RR: You are a member of the Moonshine Bandits Shiner Nation. Can you tell us a little bit about what the Shiner Nation is about and why you got involved with the movement?

I would not  call it a movement as much as a way of life shared with other Shiners (fans) Living life their way and not conforming to what society tries to tell us to like or don’t like! We do things OUR way! 

RR: The Shiner Nation seem like a family of like minded people. Have you met other people in the movement because you share that common bond?

So many awesome, REAL people in Shiner Nation! They are hard working, hard playing, family people with a common bond of the love of the music of the Moonshine Bandits and the lifestyle that goes along with it! I have met so many awesome, wonderful people there is just too many to list. One special one does comes to mind. Momma Shiner. She LOVES to shine!  She has a great love for Moonshine Bandits and Shiner Nation. She is and always will be a 2nd mom to me and I think a lot of Shiners look at her that way. 

RR: What song is on your iPod right now and why?

 Hank Jr,  Family Tradition. Why? Because it always makes me feel good! I sing it to the top of my lungs every time it comes on! 

RR: You have some great ink. Tell us about your first tattoo experience…

Got my first tat at 15 in the kitchen of friends house. It hurt a lot more than what I thought but once you start you have to finish and I just kinda kept my mind on why I was getting it. I have never been sorry. 

RR: Tell us a bit about the tattoos that you have and what they mean to you..

The first tat I got says “Never Forget”. Its on my ribs. I have been through some really hard times in my life, really hard…I believe that you should never forget where you came from. Every minute of what has past has brought you to where you are today! I just smile when I don’t feel like it and put my best foot forward and shine like the sun. I don’t pay attention to what others say, I follow my heart. The Second tat is on my hip and it says “One Life One Chance”. Don’t spend you life wondering what if. Go out and live your life so you don’t ever have to wonder if you missed out on something!  I love both of my tats and I have never regretted getting them at all! 

RR: What advice do you have for choosing tattoos?

Make sure you don’t ever get a tat on the spur of the moment or because someone else is. Make sure you have thought it out about where you want and it and it should mean something to you. Its forever. 

RR: Are you into cars at all? What do you currently drive?

I love lots of cars and they tell a lot about who you are. I drive a 2014 Chevy Cruise and I love everything about it!

RR: If you could buy any car what would you buy?

I would buy a 1969 Boss 429 Mustang. A classic car that defines cool! It has a mean looking body style with a don’t give a crap what you think attitude!  It is a very sexy car that screams REBEL as it goes by and makes everyone stop and stare, well part of it might the the music I would have turned up as I rolled by! 

RR: What are some of your other passions in life or hobbies and why?

I love with a passion to be in the woods or the lake. I love anywhere in nature. So does hunting and fishing count as a hobby? I would do it everyday if I could!!

RR: Here is your chance to plug your website and let us know everything you’re currently working on….

I don’t have web pages or link.  I’m just a hard working girl trying to make a living and survive just like everyone else! Also having fun every chance I get. I am rarely on Facebook anymore. I’m too busy going out living to be tied to a machine. Don’t touch my cell. LOL

RR: What qualities do you think make someone a perfect Rebel?

True Rebels know who they are, think for them selves and do not conform to society’s idea of what they should or should not do! They are straight forward and honest to a fault and tell it just the way they see it! They do things THEIR way!!!

All Photos by RebelRow photographer – Eric Beffa Photography